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Community Solar#

Riverside Community Solar Array

The Community Solar program offers customers who want to produce renewable energy the option to own a portion of a solar photovoltaic array even if they don’t have the space or ability to install it. Community Solar participants receive credits on their energy bill for power the Riverside Community Solar Project generates. 

In 2015, Fort Collins Utilities and Clean Energy Collective developed the Riverside Community Solar Project, located on the northwest corner of Mulberry Street and Riverside Avenue.

The program is fully booked. 

Community Solar Participant Information#

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Owner Resources

Riverside Energy Generation and Credits#

The chart below shows net energy produced from the Riverside Community Solar Project and the monthly credits earned for that energy. 

Riverside Solar Array Current Billing Data

  • Retrieving Data

Solar Generation Calculator

Enter the number of panels you own in the array to estimate your generation and credit for the current billing period. To see a summary of historical data up to the present, change the month and year selection. The Riverside Solar Array began producing energy in August of 2015.

Note: All values are approximate and may not agree with historic bill credits
Approximate Cumulative Ownership Share since based on   panels

Percent of Array Owned:  

Personalized Monthly Generation and Credit

Other Renewable Energy Opportunities#

Customers also can choose to receive up to 100% renewable electricity through the Green Energy Program. The Green Energy Program added more solar to the resource mix in 2021. 

Did You Know?

Completing a building tune-up (retro-commissioning) ensures existing systems perform as designed.

Pouring cooled fats, oils and grease (FOG) into a sealable container and putting it in the trash or taking used oil to a recycling center can help prevent costly sewer backups.

Permanent "duct mastic" material – not duct tape – should be used for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.