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Saving Water Hotline#

Submit an online notification through our new Saving Water Form.

We can’t be everywhere, so we rely on the community to notify us when water isn't being used wisely. You can help by calling our Saving Water Hotline at 970-416-2881. Issues are typically resolved within the same day.

Notify us of leaks, flowing or pooling water either by filling out the Saving Water Form or calling the hotline: 970-416-2881

Please include the following information:

  • Property address OR cross streets with a directional location (e.g. northwest corner of Water Street and Flood Way)
  • What you witnessed (see below)
  • Date and time of day
  • Your contact information if you'd like a follow-up contact

What is water waste?#

You might see:

  1. Pooling or steady flow of water into storm drainage facilities, or onto streets, sidewalks, driveways or other impervious surfaces.
  2. A leak or broken component of an irrigation system or an outdoor plumbing fixture.
  3. Water being used on an impervious surface, vehicle or other structure or object by a hose without a nozzle with an automatic shut off capability (i.e. water is only applied if the user is squeezing the handle).

You can find the full ordinance here. Thank you for helping us save water!

The City of Fort Collins adopted a wasting water code to help ensure our community is using our resources wisely.

Sec. 26-166 Waste of water prohibited

It is unlawful to waste water obtained from the City in any manner. No person shall cause the waste of water, or knowingly fail to prevent the waste of water on property owned by, or within the control of, such person.

Did You Know?

Closing curtains and shades during the summer helps keep your home cooler.

Pretreating clothing stains may avoid the need to rewash.

Pre-heating your home before 5 p.m. in the winter and coasting through the on-peak hours can save money on your utility bill.