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Smart Thermostat Rebate#

Fort Collins Utilities, in partnership with Efficiency Works, is offering $50 instant rebates on select smart thermostats. A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that conveniently controls and monitors your energy use, optimizes comfort and reduces the energy costs of your home.

Smart thermostats are available for rebate for Fort Collins Utilities customers through our online rebate application. Apply online today!

Apply Online

Terms and Conditionshighlight_off
  1. Must be a residential or commercial electric account and receive electricity from Fort Collins Utilities, and device(s) must be installed in the home, business or site served by this account.
  2. Home commercial building or site must include a central air conditioner, electric heat, or an electric heat pump.
  3. Must agree to Efficiency Works rebate terms.
  4. Must be a United State Citizen or lawfully present in the United States pursuant to Federal law PO.