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Home Performance Packages


Fort Collins Utilities and Efficiency Works-Home are offering customers in select neighborhoods a chance to participate in a program that will save money and time on home efficiency upgrades.

Upgrades will increase your home’s comfort, air quality and value by reducing draftiness, uneven temperatures and wasted energy.

By taking advantage of upgrades, you're making your home more comfortable, while lowering your monthly utility bill. It's great for you, great for your home and even better for your pocket book.

How it works:

Begin by scheduling your $60 home efficiency assessment ($400 value) at 970-229-5650, schedule online, or email aG9tZXNAZWZmaWNpZW5jeXdvcmtzLm9yZw==.

During the assessment, a home performance expert will inspect your:

  • insulation and windows
  • furnace and ductwork
  • areas known for air leaks

Your home’s specific needs will determine three package options: good, better and best.

  • You choose the package that best matches your lifestyle and budget.
  • Each package can be customized to address your needs and areas of concern.

Sit back and let Efficiency Works do the rest.

  • Efficiency Works will select a qualified contractor to complete your upgrades.
  • Efficiency Works will ensure the quality of all completed work.
Learn more about home performance packages and financing options.

Performance packages

From insulation, to air sealing and HVAC, it's not always easy to decide what upgrades make the most sense.

That's why an Efficiency Works expert will review your assessment and merge your needs into three packages: good, better and best. Each package can be customized to address your needs and areas of concern.


Financing makes getting the upgrades your home needs easier than ever.

Take advantage of low interest rates and terms of 3, 5, 7, and 15 years. The money you save on gas and electricity helps make the payment.

Learn more.


I definitely felt a comfort level difference. The upper portions of my house where the kids bedrooms and office are located are now much cooler in the afternoons. I used to be able to walk up the last couple of stairs and notice a significant heat increase. Now with the new insulation, there is very little difference from the lower level. The kids sleep much better at night because it isn't hot in their rooms.

The streamlined process is a huge benefit. Like most families, we have a ton of stuff going on. Not having to find the contractors and make sure they are doing the job correctly is a huge time and stress saver. Plus having the finance option as part of it really makes it affordable.

I am really glad we decided to do this.



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