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Insulate and air seal the walls and roof.

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Eligibility & Steps


Low-cost energy and water assessments, efficiency advisor services, and installation of free energy and water saving products reduce costs and increase the comfort of your home.

Efficiency Works™ - Home offers rebates that can increase your home's efficiency, while saving you energy and money.

Your efficiency advisor can schedule a home efficiency assessment, and help with rebates and finding a qualified Efficiency Works provider to perform your home improvements.

To schedule a Home Efficiency Assessment, call 970-229-5650 or complete the online form.


  • Be a residential electric customer of Estes Park Light & Power, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications, or Loveland Water and Power.
  • Occupy a single-family detached home or an attached townhouse that is more than one year old (new and multi-family homes are not eligible).
  • Have a home efficiency assessment completed on your home prior to making improvements and qualifying for rebates.
  • Have the work completed by an Efficiency Works Provider (homeowner installed/do-it-yourself improvements do not qualify for rebates).

The Assessment
Home efficiency assements cost $60 and include:

  • whole-house visual inspection
  • blower door test
  • infrared camera scan
  • free installation of energy and water saving products include CFLs, LEDs, faucet aerators, low flow shower heads, and more

Click here to view a summary of rebates available for home improvement projects.

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To contact an efficiency advisor call 970-229-5650 or complete the online form