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Income-Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP)#

Fort Collins Utilities partners with the Colorado Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) to save you money on your utility bill so you can focus on other critical expenses. IQAP is a reduced electric, water and/or wastewater rate that provides 25% off certain components of these services.

You may qualify for IQAP if you received LEAP during the previous or current season and live in a household with an eligible Fort Collins Utilities electric, water and/or wastewater account. You can also benefit from money-saving opportunities beyond the reduced rate through free home efficiency and educational activities.


Step 1: Apply for LEAP

LEAP acceptance qualifies you for IQAP, as long as your household has active Fort Collins Utilities service(s). LEAP applications are accepted Nov. 1 – April 30.

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Apply for LEAP


Step 2: Automatic Enrollment in IQAP

If you were approved for LEAP in the previous or current season (Nov. 1 – Apr. 30), you will be automatically enrolled in IQAP.

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Step 3: Learn Tips to Save Water and Electricity

Once enrolled in IQAP, participate in free efficiency and educational activities (approximately 2-5 hours per year) to reduce your energy and water use, which can lower your utility bill.

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Did You Know?

Fort Collins Utilities is committed to quality. See our annual Water Quality Report.

Replacing some bluegrass with low water-using planting beds can save water and money.

You can monitor your energy and water use with our online portals.