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The City of Fort Collins Utilities is proud to announce the arrival of a Water Education Celebration Pilot Program beginning in February 2023!

These free programs will take place between February and May, with Utilities teaching staff going into individual 4th grade classrooms within Poudre School District to lead hands-on, educational activities about water.

Our focus with this celebration is watershed health and sustainability, concentrating on the impacts we all have on our watershed and what we can do to keep our waterways clean.

This is an interdisciplinary program that meets Colorado science, social studies and English language arts academic standards. Students will also get the chance to exercise several science and engineering practices, including:

  • Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Data
  • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
  • Developing and Using Models

We are thrilled to be reaching as many students as we can with this pilot program and hope you will join us in this excitement!

Did You Know?

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