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Commercial Wastewater Rates#

2021 Rate Changeshighlight_off
  • Electric: 2.3%-3.9% increase based on cost-of-service model updates (varies by rate class).
  • Water: 2% increase to help with fire-related water quality impacts and watershed health costs.
  • Wastewater: No rate increase.
  • Stormwater: No rate increase.

Wastewater rates for most commercial customers are based on monthly water use ("S" rate code).

Commercial customers may apply (PDF 32KB) to be billed based on their average water consumption billed during January, February and March (winter quarter average, or WQA) or a minimum of 6,000 gallons, whichever is greater. These customers have a "Q" rate code.

Commercial customers with a water meter of 4" or greater and evaporative losses that can be sub-metered or calculated using cooling towers may apply for an evaporative loss credit:

Surcharges for wastewater strength may apply to commercial accounts.

Monthly Commercial Wastewater Rates*
(includes PILOT - payment in lieu of taxes)
Variable  Charge
(per 1,000 gallons)
3/4"  Water Meter S520, S530, S540, S550, S620, S630, Q520, Q530 $10.22 $3.543
1" Water Meter S521, S531, S541, S551,S621, S631, Q521, Q531 $23.59 $3.543
1-1/2" Water Meter S522, S532, S542, S622, Q522, Q532, Q622, Q632 $47.49 $3.543
2" Water Meter S523, S533, S543, S623, Q523, Q533 $81.26 $3.543
3" Water Meter S524, S534, S544, S624, Q524, Q534, Q624 $129.85 $3.543
4" Water Meter S525, S535, S545, S625, Q525, Q535 $205.07 $3.543
6" Water Meter S526, S536, S546, S626, Q526, Q536 $898.97 $3.543
8" Water Meter S527,S537, S547, S627, Q527, Q537 $1,037.99 $3.543
Charges rounded to the nearest cent. Actual costs vary due to rounding.
Service charges may apply.

Prices effective January 2020.

Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.


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