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Business Account Meetings#

Hosted by Utilities Business Resource Team, Business Account Meetings occur throughout the year, updating targeted customers on pricing adjustments, current projects and future plans.

Previous Meetings#

Fall 2023 Business Account Breakfast#

Sprinkler spraying water on a green lawn.

Fort Collins Utilities' 2023 Fall Business Account Breakfast took place on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Topics for this breakfast included: 

  • Sustainable Business Program Launch
  • Water Efficiency Success Stories with Parks 
  • Rates Changes
  • Our Climate Future: Efficient, Emissions-Free Buildings

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Fall 2022 Business Account Meeting#


Fort Collins Utilities' 2022 Fall Business Account Meeting took place in October. 

Topics for this business meeting included:

  • Allotment Management Program success story
  • 2023 utility rates
  • City Give philanthropic partnerships overview
  • Outdoor lighting and night skies

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Proposed Water Development Fee Increases Presentation#

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Like most water providers across Colorado, Fort Collins Utilities is facing rising costs to acquire and develop water resources. To reflect cost increases in how development is assessed for water supplies, Utilities will recommend that City Council consider fee increases for 2022. This presentation is geared towards those who have plans to develop or redevelop a property.

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Valentine’s Day Weekend Cold Weather Discussion#

Snowy Fort Collins with text,

Interested in learning how the frigid temperatures during Valentine’s Day weekend impacted electric and water utilities? Fort Collins Utilities and Platte River Power Authority discuss the demand for energy, the power generation of each supply (coal, natural gas, wind, solar and hydro) and the 'call for conservation' to our customers.

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Did You Know?

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