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Boltz Channel Maintenance Project#

Project Overview & Outcome#

Utilities Stormwater crews will regrade the channel in the channel in compliance with our floodplain management policies. This work will help restore the stormwater conveyance and stream capacity. Excess vegetation causes stream blockages that can result in flooding, erosion, and a build-up of sediment. Crews will work along the channel and will try to minimize impacts to the neighborhood as much as possible. However, some trail access will be limited during this work. 

Also, included in this project, crews will spray to remove invasive species in order to protect native species and encourage more healthy growth. This work will also include restoration of channel vegetation during this upcoming growing season. Native tree planting located away from the channel is a part of this work as well and tentatively scheduled for fall 2023.

Boltz Channel pre-rehabilitation efforts

Boltz Channel prior to construction and rehabilitation efforts.

Boltz Channel Maintenance Project Map

Red area indicated on map shows planned work area for channel maintenance.

The map shows the work area in green and the location of specific planned improvements. Trail access through the work area may be limited during working hours. To best accommodate the project, crews will generally work between 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Questions? Contact Doug Groves, Stormwater Maintenance Manager at 970-224-6024 (office), 970-222-0596 (mobile), or

How will you decide where to plant new trees?#

Trees will be planted in areas based on lessons learned from previous attempts. Some locations will help to provide privacy, while others will be planted based on the amount of water in the area. The contractor will provide tree watering after planting.

When will trees be planted?#

Tree planting will be weather dependent, and will likely occur this fall. 

How will you address on-going irrigation issues?#

We will plant different tree varieties to adjust to the high amounts of water in the area. We also are planting trees in locations based on lessons learned from previous attempts. 

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