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Water, Wastewater and Stormwater: 2022 Utilities Projects#

construction worker directing heavy equipment

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excavator on site at Utilities project

As a locally owned, not-for-profit utility, Fort Collins Utilities is committed to delivering safe, reliable and competitively priced electric, water, wastewater and stormwater services. Funds received by our rate payers are invested into our infrastructure and operations to maintain and continually improve our systems.

There are several projects planned throughout 2022 to replace aging water pipes, improve stormwater drainage and reduce blockages in sewer pipes.

Some of these projects may create road closures or impacts to traffic. For your safety and ours, please follow all signage and directions from crews. Homeowners and businesses impacted by any of the work will receive notifications closer to project implementation.

Water Utilities Infrastructure Improvements
Utilities construction and maintenance crews continue to replace and make improvements to aging water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. This annual pipe replacement program is coordinated with the Streets Maintenance Program schedule for efficiency, cost effectiveness and reduced neighborhood impacts.

Stormwater Improvements#

Annual Stormwater Maintenance
In 2022, we have seven construction projects, 5,500 feet of pipe replacement; 10 stormwater pipe rehabilitation projects, totaling 3,000 feet; detention pond and drainage channel maintenance projects; and 100,000 feet of stormwater system cleaning and camera inspections. 

Design of the Oak Street Stormwater Improvement Project 
Hundreds of structures in the Old Town Basin are vulnerable to damages from urban flooding. The Oak Street Stormwater Improvements Project, currently in design, is one of several stormwater projects that will help resolve flooding issues in downtown Fort Collins. It includes large diameter storm pipes (48–78 inches) from Mason Street to Jackson Avenue and local stormwater quality systems (green infrastructure). Learn more >>

The Glenmoor Pond Landscape Enhancement Project
This project, at Taft Hill Road and Glenmoor Drive, will enhance the stormwater detention area by adding additional landscaping, permanent irrigation, improved trails, detached sidewalk and tree lawn along North Taft Hill Road, and will incorporate Art in Public Places and interpretive signage.  

Mail Creek Stream Rehabilitation Project
This project will reshape and stabilize eroding banks along a section of Mail Creek to improve safety and habitat and correct severe erosion and water quality problems. Construction will begin in November and should be complete by early spring 2023.

North Mason Area Drainage Design Project
This project includes a preliminary design of a parallel water main, and a review and feasibility study of the existing wastewater line, including the potential of building a new line parallel to the stormwater drainage, and abandoning an existing line. It will provide adequate public facilities for the area in collaboration with Engineering’s N. Mason Transportation Corridor study. 

Water Improvements#

Replacement of galvanized water service lines and/or lead goosenecks with the Safe Water Action Program (SWAP) 
SWAP is a proactive effort to investigate and replace, as needed, aging water service lines. In 2021, 24 service lines were found to be galvanized lines or had lead goosenecks and were replaced with copper pipe between the water main and the curb stop (utility-owned portion). In 2022, approximately 90 more service line connections will be investigated and replaced as needed. Learn more >>

Sediment Removal and River Channel Restoration in the Poudre River
Following the Cameron Peak Fire and the Black Hollow flash flood events, Utilities is working this winter to protect our water supply and maintain high water quality in the Poudre River by removing sediment and restoring the river channel upstream of the diversion structure.  

Improvements to the Poudre River Raw Water Pipeline
New pipe is being designed to replace a section of the 27-inch raw waterline that is currently at risk of failure. Approximately 540 feet of new pipe will be installed in the fall.

Water Main Replacements in Mathews Street, Grant Avenue, Washington Avenue and Mack Street
Replacements will begin in early summer. 

Wastewater Imrovements#

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement
Sanitary sewer mains in the alley south of Laporte Avenue between Shields Street and Loomis Avenue also will be replaced in mid-to-late summer. 

Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement in Mulberry Street West of City Park 
Replacement will begin in spring. Approximately 2,400 feet of old 6-inch clay pipe will be replaced with new 8-inch PVC pipe. Seven old brick manholes will be replaced and 17 new service connections installed. Learn more >>

Drake Water Reclamation Facility North Process Train Final Clarifiers and Headworks Improvement Projects
The Drake Water Reclamation Facility North Process Train Final Clarifiers Improvement Project design is underway, and construction will begin in late 2022. The final clarifiers provide secondary treatment required to meet regulatory discharge requirements. The Headworks Improvement Project, also in the design phase, will upgrade preliminary treatment by screening out large material and inorganics that cannot be treated in the primary and secondary treatment processes.

Design of a Replacement for the Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection System at the Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility
At the Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility, design will begin on replacement of the Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection system to maintain disinfection and regulatory compliance for discharge to the Cache la Poudre River.

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