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Water, Wastewater and Stormwater: 2021 Utilities Projects#

Water Utilities Capital Replacement Program#

Utilities construction and maintenance crews continue to replace and make improvements to aging water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure. This annual pipe replacement program is coordinated with the Streets Maintenance Program (SMP) schedule for efficiency, cost effectiveness and reduced neighborhood impacts.

From January to December, Utilities crews will construct:

  • Nine waterline projects, totaling over 6,000 feet of 6- and 8-inch diameter pipe
  • 11 wastewater (sanitary sewer) projects, replacing over 7,000 feet of 6-inch diameter vitrified clay pipe
  • 10 stormwater projects, totaling over 6,000 feet of pipe and 150 feet of river bank repair

Additional Projects#

Lemay Avenue Projects

A number of City projects are scheduled on the Lemay Avenue corridor in 2021, including maintenance on stormwater and water lines, a new pedestrian/bicycle crossing at Columbia/Lemay and concrete repairs and paving from Riverside to Horsetooth. Additionally in the area, Utilities will work to replace a water line and repave Brookwood Drive from Parkwood to Stuart in late summer through early fall.

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First Project in the Downtown Stormwater Improvement Plan (DSIP)

The Oak Street Stormwater Improvements Project is the first of several stormwater improvement projects under the DSIP umbrella. Located on Oak Street from Mason to Jackson streets, the project will include a large diameter storm pipe, new inlets and water quality treatment within the system. Design and public engagement are underway and construction is expected to start in 2023.

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City Park Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

Three areas of the wastewater collection system in need of rehabilitation have been identified in north Fort Collins. The first is located near City Park, north of West Mulberry Street and west of South Bryan Avenue. The new City Park Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project will be constructed in neighborhoods west of Sheldon Lake (in City Park). The project will replace the aging sewer system to significantly increase performance and reliability of the system and reduce field crew maintenance. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2022.

North Mason Street

A final stormwater design, and designs for new water and sanitary sewer infrastructure, should be completed by the end of 2021 along the North Mason transportation corridor. Utilities’ design will include a stormwater drainage outfall from just north of Hickory Street to the Poudre River along the proposed North Mason transportation corridor. Designs for water and wastewater infrastructure will be used to improve public facilities in the area. Construction is tentatively planned to begin in 2022.

Poudre Canyon Raw Waterline Project 

The 27-inch Poudre Canyon Raw Waterline Project will improve the resiliency of the City’s raw water supply by ensuring the structural integrity and operational life of the steel pipeline near Gateway Natural Area. Currently in the design phase, construction of the new pipeline is anticipated to begin in late 2022 and last about six months.

North Process Train (NPT) Final Clarifiers

Design of a major rehabilitation project for the NPT final clarifiers at Drake Water Reclamation Facility will begin this spring. Originally constructed in 1974, the clarifiers were identified as a critical replacement need. Construction should begin in early 2022.

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