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Youth Check-Out Kits#

Interested in offering a Utilities program on your own? The following programs can be checked out as kits. To reserve a kit, email

Drop in a Bucket

Grade Level: K-12

Program Length: 20-30 minutes

This short, hands-on activity illustrates the amount of saltwater and freshwater on Earth, emphasizing the small amount of fresh, unfrozen water available to living beings.

Journey of a Water Droplet

Grade Level: 2-4

Program Length: 20-30 minutes

In this short, fun lesson, students become water droplets and take a journey through the water cycle. With a roll of the dice, students travel to the ocean, the clouds or even the roots of a plant. Students learn that water can be found everywhere by comparing their journey to that of their classmates’.

Filtration Station

Grade Level: 3-8

Program Length: 1-1.5 hours

With this kit, participants design their own layered water filter and compare it to the ability of plants and soil to remove suspended solids and other contaminants. Students learn more about the ecosystem services provided by plants, how pollutants and nutrients affect stormwater, and how this interaction can affect the greater watershed.

Did You Know?

Replacing kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators with WaterSense-labeled models can help save water.

Visual indicators of algal blooms in waterbodies often include: surface scum, foam, floating algae mats, off-colors and/or the presence of dead fish.

Wearing an extra layer of clothing during the winter and lowering the thermostat a few degrees can help save money and energy.