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Follow the Flood Event#

On July 28, 2017 Fort Collins came together to remember the 1997 Spring Creek Flood. We gathered to reflect and remember what happened in our community twenty years ago. We remembered the tireless efforts of staff and emergency personnel. And we remembered the five that are no longer with us. Families of the victims were joined by emergency responders, City staff, Poudre Fire Authority and others to honor, commemorate and heal.

Spring Creek flooded to disaster levels when 14.5 inches of rain fell in 31 hours. Five residents lost their lives, a building exploded, much of CSU campus was flooded, a train derailed and 400 people were rescued from the floodwaters.

The following day, July 29, was a family flood education day. Various groups came together to educate families about flood safety. Utilities Stormwater was joined by FEMA, CSU – Colorado Climate Center, ICON Engineering, Colorado Water Conservation Board, Colorado Riparian Association, Anderson Consulting Engineers, Larimer County Search & Rescue, LETA911, Larimer County Dive Rescue Team, The Coloradoan and City of Fort Collins Natural Areas. Families had the opportunity to learn about flood safety and flood mitigation in their community.

Did You Know?

Fort Collins Utilities is committed to quality. See our annual Water Quality Report.

Visual indicators of algal blooms in waterbodies often include: surface scum, foam, floating algae mats, off-colors and/or the presence of dead fish.

Scraping your dishes clean instead of rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher saves water.