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Plum Street Sanitary & Storm Drainage Improvements Project#

In coordination with The District at Campus West development on Plum Street, Fort Collins Utilities removed, replaced and up-sized portions of the existing sanitary sewer line and storm drainage system along Plum and Shields streets and City Park Avenue.

Sanitary Sewer
The old 8- and 10-inch sanitary sewer lines were up-sized to 12-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe from Shields Street to north of City Park Avenue, approximately 530 lineal feet. A total of 13 manholes were installed.

Storm Drainage System
To help mitigate existing flooding issues on Plum Street, the storm drainage system also was up-sized. It was moved to the east side on Shields Street and approximately 230 lineal feet of 36-inch PVC pipe was installed from the intersection of Shields and Plum streets south along Shields Street. A combination of 21- and 30-inch PVC pipe totaling 570 lineal feet was installed along Plum Street to Aster Street. Two 10-foot stormwater drainage inlets were installed on Plum Street near Aster Street, in addition to five manholes.

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