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Red Fox Meadows Natural Area Restoration#

Red Fox Meadows Natural Area is a 40-acre urban wildlife refuge and an important stormwater detention area for the city. It is jointly owned and managed by Fort Collins Utilities and the Natural Resources Department. Based on a resolution adopted by City Council in 1995, the Watershed Approach is used in these areas to:

  • Provide recreational and educational opportunities
  • Enhance wildlife habitat
  • Prevent stormwater pollution
  • Improve water quality and flood protection

Approximately 80 wildlife species and 126 plant species are found at Red Fox Meadows. It is an important part of a natural wildlife corridor in this part of Fort Collins.

Construction was timed to minimize disturbance to denning or nesting wildlife. At different times during the construction process, the City :

  • Replanted disturbed areas with native grasses, wildflowers, trees and shrubs
  • Installed a planned system of trails with neighborhood access points
  • Constructed a parking lot to accommodate a school bus and cars
  • Built interpretive signage, education stations and informational kiosks

The result is improved flood protection, better water quality and increased wildlife habitat in Red Fox Meadows for future visitors.

Schematic Design (PDF 1.6MB)

Slope Design (PDF 1.6MB)

Master Plan Rendering (PDF 1.6MB)

Bauder Elementary students are frequent visitors to the Fairbrooke outdoor classroom.

Since the 1990s, schoolchildren from Bennett and Bauder Elementary Schools and Blevins Junior High have used Red Fox Meadows and Fairbrooke Detention Basin as outdoor classrooms for nature studies. Students identify plants and animals, discover food chains and food webs, experiment with ecological concepts, and conduct plant and animal surveys. They practice landscape design planning, plant native trees and shrubs and remove noxious weeds. Students learn how stormwater runoff from lawns and streets contains pollutants and how detention areas provide treatment by settling out these pollutants before the water enters streams and ponds.

Did You Know?

Ensuring heating registers aren't blocked by furniture, carpet, drapes can help your heating system perform better.

Fort Collins Utilities monitors water quality in our water sources, treated drinking water and treated water returned to the environment.

Planting trees on east, southeast, southwest and west exposures reduce solar heat gain and reduce glare through windows.