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Water Availability and Demand#

Fort Collins Utilities regularly evaluates several factors to determine the status and condition of our raw water supply and resources to ensure ample water for our customers.

2023 Quarterly Snapshot#

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Water Demand

Annual Utilities water service area water demand projected year-to-date: 88%

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Aerial photo of Horsetooth Reservoir looking south

Colorado-Big Thompson Water Quota

In April 2023, Northern Water set the Colorado-Big Thompson (CBT) Project quota at 70%. Northern Water manages the CBT Project and sets the quota for water allottees each year. The quota determines how much water is available per share or unit. Seventy percent is an adequate CBT allocation to meet our water demands this year.

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Cache la Poudre River

River Streamflows

Graphical data for the Poudre River is available online:

Aerial of Fort Collins

Climate Outlook

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) climate outlooks for the northern Front Range and northern mountains is available at the button below.

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Did You Know?

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Using an ENERGY STAR® programmable thermostat or wifi thermostat can help you better control your home's comfort and utility costs.