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Fort Collins Urban Lakes Water Quality Management Policy#

Fort Collins Utilities is working in collaboration with Parks and Natural Areas to develop an Urban Lakes Water Quality Management Policy.

Residents had an opportunity to provide feedback May-June 2022. That feedback will be used during the development of the policy. We anticipate that the draft policy will be presented to City boards and commissions for feedback in early 2023. A final policy will then be presented to and adopted by City Council.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)#

What are urban lakes and which lakes are included in this policy?highlight_off

City-owned urban lakes are those within the City’s Growth Management Area (GMA), and do not include drinking water reservoirs or water bodies where the City owns water rights but is not responsible for lake management.

Urban Lakes Map - click for PDF
What is urban lake water quality?highlight_off
Algal bloom at Portner Reservoir

Water quality is a term used to describe the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of a water body relative to its management goals. Water quality parameters, such as oxygen concentration, pH, and temperature, are measured by City staff using specialized equipment. Some water quality issues, such as algae blooms, water clarity, odors, fish kills and the presence of trash, can be regularly observed.

How will this policy be used?highlight_off

This policy will provide a consistent approach for City departments to follow in managing urban lakes for water quality.

What tools are available for non-City-owned urban lakes?highlight_off

The City is creating a supporting technical guidance document to assist City lake managers in the implementation of the policy. This document will be available as a resource for private lake managers, as well.

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