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Time-of-Day (TOD) Electric Heat Pricing Options#

Beginning in 2022, customers who are currently on the all-electric TOD pricing (homes heated by electricity instead of gas) will be eligible to choose which electric rate they would prefer:

Some customers currently on the Electric Heat TOD rate might benefit from being on the Standard TOD rate with a tier*, potentially saving up to $6/month (up to $72/year).

*With the tier, there is an additional charge for all kilowatt-hours (kWh) used beyond 700 kWh in any billing period.

Which Rate is Right For Me?#

How to Change Your Rate#

Customers must fill out a form to request a change from the Electric Heat TOD rate to the Standard TOD rate with tier. 

If you are unable to fill out the form online, please call 970-212-2900 for assistance changing your rate. 

Per City Code, customers can change their rate once per 12 months. 

Fill Out Rate Change Form

Did You Know?

Home office and overall electronics typically use very little electricity (1 cent or less per hour on average).

Fort Collins Utilities is community-owned. Because of that, our customers benefit from lower rates and revenues that stay here.

Choosing fans before air conditioning, especially during on-peak hours, can save money.