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What We're Doing

Global Reporting Initiative

We report our progress and challenges in a sustainability report that has granted us registration with the Global Reporting Initiative. Fort Collins Utilities is the first municipal utility in the United States to accomplish this achievement.

We will be moving to a biennial reporting format starting with the 2012 and 2013 reporting years. We remain committed to disclosing our impacts and sustainability performance to our customers and stakeholders.

Our commitment to building a sustainable organization focuses on the importance of addressing short- and medium-term strategic issues ahead:

  • Secure water supplies
  • Maintain water quality
  • Re-purpose our stormwater master plan to enhance safety of people and property; protect and restore watersheds and natural waterways; reduce flood damage and protect natural and beneficial functions of riparian zones and wildlife habitats
  • Modernize electric distribution system
  • Manage infrastructure assets in the immediate future and coming decades
  • Manage transfer of knowledge and ensure business continuity as our workforce continues to retire
  • Maintain financial stability
  • Respond to increased regulatory requirements

At the core of each issue is our customer service mission to provide high-quality, reliable electric and water services at acceptable rates.

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