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Utilities Alerts – Electric, Water, Wastewater and Stormwater#

Keep up to date on outages, service disruptions and potential flooding issues.#

Electric Outages

Find electric outages affecting your area with our real-time outage map.To report an outage, call 970-221-6710.

Current Electric Outages

Water and Wastewater Outages or Service Disruptions

Report a water or wastewater (sewer) outage, service disruption or water quality concern by calling 970-221-6700.

Current Water Outages

Stormwater/Flooding Alerts

Learn about current or imminent flooding conditions throughout Fort Collins. Report flooding, hazardous waste going down a storm drain or a clogged storm drain by calling 970-221-6700.

Flooding Information

Report Other Issues#

Visit Access Fort Collins for an easy way to send City questions or comments.

Did You Know?

Setting your refrigerator to recommended 38-40 degrees Fahrenheit and freezer to 0 degrees Fahrenheit helps save energy.

Installing an insulation blanket on your water heater helps it perform more efficiently.

Replacing some bluegrass with low water-using planting beds can save water and money.