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Medical Assistance Program (MAP)#

MAP is coming to a close and no longer accepting new applications.

We will be in touch with current MAP customers about this program change and next steps. For more information, please see the presentation from our event on July 8.

If you have questions, contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions#

After a review of how to best serve our income-qualifying customers through utility assistance programs, we discovered that the vast majority of MAP customers are eligible for LEAP and Utilities' Income-Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP), and they would receive even greater assistance through these two programs.

MAP provided a reduced rate for only the electric portion of utility bills. IQAP provides a 25% reduction to electric, water, and/or wastewater charges on your Fort Collins Utilities bill.

Your household will receive financial assistance towards your heating bill in addition to the reduced utility rate from IQAP.

  • If you heat your home with electricity from Fort Collins Utilities, you will receive a debit card.
  • If you heat your home with gas from Xcel, you will receive a credit towards your account.

MAP customers will be mailed a paper application at the beginning of LEAP season (November 1). LEAP applications are accepted through April 30. 

  • Applications can be found online beginning November 1 at
  • Paper applications are available at the Utilities Customer Support Center, located at 222 Laporte Avenue.

MAP participants who do not qualify for LEAP will be sent a renewal application July 2025 to continue to receive the IQAP reduced utility rate.

We will review the number of customer accounts who have not applied for LEAP after the season is complete (April 2025) and work with those customers on renewing their enrollment.


Did You Know?

To keep high-efficiency toilets and sinks performing well, remember to only flush the three Ps and throw FOG in the trash.

Off-peak Time-of-Day prices are approximately 70% less than on-peak prices.

Closing curtains and shades during the summer helps keep your home cooler.