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Yearly Results#

Since 2010, Utilities has been helping Fort Collins residents dispose of hazardous waste responsibly.

The 2023 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event was a big success with 1,554 participants and approximately 143,836 pounds of household hazardous waste being collected.

View collection and participation data below for yearly results.

Event Attendance#

table showing attendance


Total Household Hazardous Waste Collected#

Total HHW Collected: 2019 - 110,495 lbs, 2018 - 148,097 lbs, 2017 - 107,886 lbs, 2016 - 127,689 lbs, 2015 - 126,700 lbs, 2014


2023 Results by Type#

pie chart showing waste collected. Paint is the largest category followed by flammable liquids.

Did You Know?

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