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Poudre River Bank Improvements#

Homestead Bank Repair Project#

The Issue#

Streambank erosion caused by high water flow in recent years had resulted in an area of severe bank erosion along the Poudre River near Homestead Natural Area. The bank erosion was threatening underground utilities and a section of the bike trail in the Poudre River Trail system.

Project Details#

Beginning the second week of December 2019, Utilities construction crews started reconstruction of the damaged bank, rebuilding 250 linear feet of the riverbank along the northwest side of the Homestead Natural Area. Due to the previous alignment and proximity to the edge of the river, a 400-foot section of the Poudre River was realigned as part of the project. The new location allows the trail system to be more resilient from future damage due to high flows along the river and allows for increased safety for trail users.

The project was funded by Stormwater and Park Planning and Development and completed in partnership with Natural Areas and Parks Department. Parks and Forestry coordinated hazard tree mitigation work along the Poudre River Trail between Mulberry and Lincoln during the construction closure. Fort Collins Utilities completed the project on time and within budget and the trail was reopened to the public in early April.

Significant amounts of debris and concrete rubble dumped along the bank were removed during the demolition phase. Crews installed buried riprap (rock) to protect the sanitary sewer line and the bank was regraded to a more stable slope. Native vegetation and trees are being planted to establish enhanced habitat and stability. Landscaping work will continue over the next few weeks depending on weather.



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