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MyEnergy and MyWater#

Set up an online profile with our new MyEnergy and MyWater portals to view your detailed electricity and water usage. Monitor your use over time to understand your costs and conserve resources.



MyEnergy helps residential customers track their energy use, find new ways to save and earn rewards that can be used in your favorite stores.

  • The full picture. Your online assessment will help you learn more about how you use energy.
  • Tailored recommendations. Review your customized action plan for ways to save.
  • Valuable rewards. Taking action and logging in to your portal will earn you points that can be redeemed at your favorite retailers.

Three steps to start saving:

  1. Log on. Visit
  2. Register. Use your account number listed on your utility bill or Home Energy Report to register.
  3. Personalize. Manage your profile, take your assessment and earn rewards. Even more features will be coming soon.

Track your energy use



Previously known as WaterSmart, MyWater is available to all Utilities water customers, helping you track your water use and costs with water reports and an easy-to-use web and mobile portal.

  • Alerts and notifications. Timely and topical leak and high-use alerts.
  • Detailed use information. See how your current water use compares to your past use, even down to the hour.
  • Ways to save. Get personalized, step-by-step actions.

Three steps to start saving:

  1. Log on. Visit
  2. Register. Use your account number listed on your water bill or water report to register.
  3. Personalize. Manage your profile settings to receive personalized recommendations and notifications.

Track your water use