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Oak Street Stormwater Project Logo

Project Overview#

The Oak Street project is part of the Downtown Stormwater Improvement Program (DSIP) and will help to resolve flooding issues in downtown Fort Collins. The project extends from Mason St to City Park and will begin at Mason in July 2024. 

Additionally and in preparation for the stormwater project, the City will be replacing the water main from Grant to Jackson, and Xcel Energy will be replacing the gas main from Meldrum to Jackson.

The map below shows the general locations and projected timeline for the projects. 

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Stormwater Project: July 17th Update#


  • Mobilization and delivery of equipment to the site. Cars and pedestrians please use caution when in the area.
  • Sanitary sewer main replacement on 200 block of Oak St.
  • Installation of dewatering well points on 300 block of Oak Street
  • Tunneling launch pit excavation on 300 block of Oak Street


  • Dewatering from well points into treatment train prior to discharge downstream
  • Installation of shoring system at tunnel launch pit on 300 block of Oak Street
  • Sanitary sewer tie-in at Mason Street
  • Asphalt sawcutting and removals
Photo of the Oak St and Howes Intersection

Looking West on Oak Street- Before Construction

Digging at Oak St

And the work begins!

Oak Street Timeline

Current Road Closures#

Closure map

Estimated Construction Timeline#

Map of Oak Street project. Showing timeline of work from 2024 to 2026. Spans from S. Mason St to Jackson St
Showing timeline of work from 2024 to 2026. Spans from S. Mason St to Jackson St

Water Project Updates#

Man fixing watermain

Our project is set to begin July 22nd. We anticipate giving updates on the project on a biweekly basis once construction begins. 


There will be full roadway closures on Oak Street and other adjoining blocks where pipeline construction is occurring. Residents with alley access to their lots will be encouraged to utilize the alleyways as much as possible when the roadway is closed on their block. Residents that don’t have alley access will need to park on adjacent blocks. Sidewalk access to property frontage will generally remain open or detours for pedestrians will also be posted.

Sidewalk access to business property frontage will generally remain open. There will be some intersection and crosswalks closed during streetscape construction. During those times, detours for pedestrians will be posted.

You can expect large construction operations, including heavy equipment, dirt hauling and associated noise and dust during the construction period.

Stormwater system improvements include flood control measures as well as stormwater quality improvements such as rain gardens at Howes, Washington and Jackson. Rain gardens are systems that filter pollutants out of stormwater before it makes its way downstream to the Poudre River. As such, significant streetscape improvements to these same intersections will be made.

Other improvements being made as part of the Oak Street project include a new water main from Grant to Jackson Street, and a new gas main (Xcel Energy project) from Meldrum to Jackson Street.

On-street parking will not be available on the blocks where active construction is occurring. Generally, the construction zone will be limited to 2 or 3 blocks at a time and automobile detours will be posted to reroute drivers.

While we do anticipate ongoing construction adjacent to City Park during the summer months, we don’t anticipate a large impact on any events at City Park during those times. There will be reduced on-street parking near the Oak/Jackson intersection and along Jackson north of Oak Street, but existing parking will generally be available otherwise.

Yes, water services may be shut off for short periods of time (4 hours or less) during active construction of the water or storm mains. We will let you know at least 24 hours in advance of any shut-off.

Yes, its possible that either gas or electricity may be shut off for short periods of time during active construction.

Did You Know?

When warm enough, you can save ~50 cents/load by hanging your laundry on a clothesline. Clotheslines are allowed everywhere in Fort Collins.

Permanent "duct mastic" material – not duct tape – should be used for sealing attic ductwork and crawl spaces.