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Mail Creek Stream Restoration Project Begins January 5

Posted on: Dec-30-2022

Fort Collins Utilities and consultant Western States Reclamation, LLC will begin construction along Mail Creek in Two Creeks Natural Area. This project includes stream stabilization and rehabilitation of Mail Creek. Stream banks will be regraded and reinforced with natural materials to prevent further erosion and to correct water quality problems.

Stream rehabilitation projects repair areas of streams where the ecology, safety, structure and water quality have changed over time. The rebuilt slopes will be planted with native plants, trees and grasses to provide new aquatic and riparian habitat for fish and wildlife. The stream channel will be slightly relocated in select areas to prevent further movement. Careful assessment and consideration was taken in the planning process to preserve many trees and some existing vegetated areas.

Residents and community members can expect to see construction activities in the vicinity of the project and stream bed area for several months. Construction equipment, specifically trucks and trailers, will periodically be on the local neighborhood streets as they deliver materials and haul debris from the project site. Traffic control signs and detour routes will be posted as needed for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and trail users.

For information about Utilities work and stream restoration, contact Jason Stutzman, Utilities Special Projects Manager, at or 970-221 6212.

For more information, visit, email or V/TDD 711.

  • Jason Stutzman, Utilities Special Projects Manager
  • 970-221-6212

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