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Check washer hoses regularly for cracks that could result in leaks. Better yet - install a new set of burst-proof hoses. They are steel wrapped and are less vulnerable to vibration. Include an ENERGY STAR® washing machine in your purchase and your clothes will be cleaner and your laundry room floor will stay dry.

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Northern Water Allocates Fort Collins Utilities' Quota

Posted on: May-03-2018

In early April, Northern Water allocated the water supplies that Fort Collins Utilities can treat and deliver to customers as drinking water from Horsetooth Reservoir. Snowpack in the Poudre River basin, which provides the other portion of the City's water supply, is near average, indicating available water supplies also will likely be near average.

The combined quota and snowpack conditions will provide Utilities with adequate water supplies for the remainder of 2018. Water use restrictions are not anticipated. Utilities still encourages everyone to use water as efficiently as possible.

Current weather projections are for warmer and drier conditions than normal over the summer months. Visit to learn how you can help conserve water and maintain the health of our water supplies.

Northern Water administers the Colorado-Big Thompson Project that feeds Horsetooth Reservoir, which typically provides about half of Utilities treated water supplies. This years 80 percent quota is slightly above the average allocation. Northern Water typically gives higher quotas in low-snowpack years and lower quotas in high-snowpack years, when less supplemental water is needed. More information about Utilities' water supply can be found at

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