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Certified Landscape Professionals

Program members are required to attend one annual meeting. The next meeting will be in the spring of the 2018 season.

The new Certified Landscape Professionals (CLP) program identifies certified landscape and irrigation businesses to local customers. It was established to support contractors who have gone above and beyond their industry standards to achieve professional certification, classifying them as experts in their landscape fields. Our customers get a reliable business reference, while contractors benefit from the additional exposure.

To join the program:

  1. Receive and maintain one of the below certifications from either the Irrigation Association or the National Association for Landscape Professionals.
  2. Attend an annual meeting to learn about the program and its requirements.
  3. Read the description and rules document.
  4. Sign and return the program application and annual agreement to Eric Olson at ZW9sc29uQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==.
  5. Follow the code of ethics from the certifying body.

Any of the following certifications will earn a CLP classification.

CLP members are recommended to our customers and displayed on our website at

For more information, contact Eric Olson at 970-221-6704.

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