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Long-Range Planning#

We help create and enhance a vibrant, world-class community by supporting efforts that define and realize our community's aspirations. We connect people, places, and services through innovative planning, partnerships, and forums for effective community engagement.

Plans & Policies

City plans and policies are essential frameworks that guide the growth, development, and sustainability of a community. These strategic documents provide a roadmap for how a city envisions its future and how it intends to address various challenges and opportunities. At the heart of these plans is the City's comprehensive plan known as City Plan, which serves as the foundational blueprint for the future of Fort Collins.

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Code & Policy Meetings#

Updates & News#

East Mulberry Plan Adoption#

East Mulberry Plan

The updated East Mulberry Plan was adopted by City Council on December 5th. The 2023 East Mulberry Plan serves as an update to the previously adopted 2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan. The Plan incorporates new goals, the Plan policy direction and action items for the next 10-20 years based on extensive business-owner and resident feedback within the area and internal policy discussions amongst City staff. 

The recently adopted East Mulberry Plan does not outline a specific timeframe for annexation of any areas within the East Mulberry corridor and does not commit any areas to annexation in the future. It does outline a framework for how annexation decisions could be made by our City Council when certain conditions warrant annexation considerations in the future. When an area is being considered for potential annexation, property owners and businesses will be notified and will have many opportunities to share feedback that will be provided to City Council.

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Completed Code and Policy Projects#

Project Description
Water Adequacy

“Water adequacy” means that a new development has shown it has access to water resources to serve the project. Although the City already required proof that new developments had secured water sources, these updates further outline this process as part of development review. 

1041 Regulations

The purpose of 1041 powers is to give local governments a seat at the table during the review of particular development projects occurring within their jurisdiction, even when the project has statewide impacts. The City of Fort Collins developed regulations for water and highway projects that are contextually appropriate to Fort Collins, provide predictability for developers and decision makers, and adequate guidance for review by City staff. 

Oil & Gas

In April 2019, Colorado adopted Senate Bill 19-181, which gave local governments land use authority to regulate the siting and surface impacts of oil and gas development. On April 4, 2023 Fort Collins City Council adopted location standards restricting new oil and gas facilities within City limits.

Lighting Regulations The City of Fort Collins adopted new exterior lighting standards in the Land Use Code that took effect on March 26, 2021.  These regulations cover new commercial and multi-family residential projects. 
Wireless Master Plan The Wireless Master Plan is designed to better position the City for future deployment of wireless telecommunication infrastructure while minimizing visual impacts to neighborhoods and the community. 
Nature in the City

The Nature in the City program started as an idea in the Planning Services Division of the City as City Planners wondered how they could better integrate nature into development projects. While not every site will provide every experience, Nature in the City will ensure that residents have access to a variety of natural experiences close to where they live and work.

Urban Agriculture

The City of Fort Collins defines Urban Agriculture in the Land Use Code as: Gardening or farming involving any kind of lawful plant, whether for personal consumption, sale and/or donation. Urban agriculture is a miscellaneous use that does not include plant nursery and greenhouse as a principal use and that is subject to licensing. 

Fort Collins Demographics#


Demographics are the most recent statistical characteristics of a population. These types of data are used widely in public policy. Commonly examined demographics include gender, race, age, disabilities, mobility, home ownership, employment status, and even location. Use the link to learn more about demographics in Fort Collins.

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Urban Design Awards#

Urban Design Awards

The City of Fort Collins celebrates great places and people who design them. The Urban Design Awards promote awareness of urban design, and its importance for the quality of life in our community. Urban design ranges from a city or city subarea to a single outdoor space and considers the look and feel, as well as environmental, economic and social consequences of design. It is not simply concerned with new development but also with the maintenance and enhancement of existing development. 

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Find My Zoning#

Find My Zoning

Zoning districts dictate what you may build and how you may build it in different areas of the city. Click the button below to find what zone district you are located in! Once you identify your zone district, you can use the Zoning Matrix to see what uses are allowed in your zone district.

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