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We help create and enhance a vibrant, world-class community by supporting efforts that define and realize our community's aspirations. We connect people, places, and services through innovative planning, partnerships, and forums for effective community engagement.

Downtown Rezoning and Code Updates in Progress to Improve Compatibility

Downtown Rezoning and Code Updates in Progress to Improve Compatibility

The Land Use Code requirements for the Downtown (D) Zone district, Neighborhood Conservation Buffer (NCB) Zone, and Historic Preservation section of the Code are being updated. These updates will provide clarity and predictability to the development review process, while also strengthening compatibility between new development and the existing context. These amendments were recommended in the recently adopted Downtown Plan and Old Town Neighborhoods Plan and the Historic Preservation code review project. Part of the proposed changes includes an expansion of the Downtown (D) zone district and the adoption of 9 character subdistricts within the Downtown.  The request to expand the Downtown Zone district was considered by the Planning and Zoning Board on December 20th and the rezone and Land Use Code amendments by City Council on February 5, 2019. Contact Long Range Planning Manager, Cameron Gloss, for additional details: Y2dsb3NzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==

Proposed Rezoning 

FCMaps Proposed Downtown Zone District

Proposed Downtown Code 

Proposed NCB Code 

Proposed Historic Preservation Code

Links updated 2/27/2019.

City Plan is Underway!

City Plan

Have you ever thought about what Fort Collins might look and feel like 20 years from now? The latest update to City Plan is underwway and we hope you will help shape the community’s vision for Fort Collins! City Plan addresses land use, transportation and transit, and many other topics. 

Have ideas to share? Visit CityPlan online and join the conversation!

Sign Code Update Underway

Sign Code Update

Have you heard about an update to the Sign Code? A United States Supreme Court case, Reed v. Town of Gilbert has caused many municipalities to take a closer look at their sign regulations. Fort Collins started a review of the sign section of the Land Use Code in 2017. Visit Sign Code Update for more information.

Development Review Center

The City's Development Review Center is experiencing high volumes of development review project submittals at this time. In order to maintain efficient project reviews and provide accurate, timely responses to inquiries, the City is enacting a series of measures related to the submittal process that may impact you as an applicant.

  • Appointments are required for all submittals or resubmittals. Please call the Development Review Center at 970-221-6689 or emailRFJDb29yZEBmY2dvdi5jb20= to schedule an appointment time.
  • Only complete submittals are accepted. Consistent with Land Use Code requirements, the submittal will be returned to the applicant if any required materials or application fees are missing or insufficient.
  • All complete applications submitted Monday morning through Wednesday noon will be routed the same week. Submittals received after Wednesday noon will be routed the following week.

Please note that applications received earlier in the week will make it easier for Development Review Center staff to distribute plans to reviewing City departments and other referral agencies.

Building permit applications are accepted at any time during business hours, and without appointment.

Plan Fort Collins: Innovate, Sustain, Connect

Plan FC

Fast forward 30 years. What's it like to live in Fort Collins? In 2010, the City led a major visioning effort to define our community's future. Plan Fort Collins was a community-wide effort to create a new City Plan and Transportation Master Plan.

See the Adopted Plans