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Submittal Requirements Checklist Companion:

This submittal requirements document provides a supplemental explanation of commonly required submittal checklist items and development plan sheets (site plan, landscape plan, lighting plan, etc.). This document is intended to assist the applicant in preparing documents and plans for development review. After reviewing this document contact a development review coordinator at 970.221.6689 to get started!

Submittal Requirements Checklists & Notes:

The checklists below must be used in tandem with the above document.

See additional information for each review type and process, listed alphabetically below.

Review Types, Checklists and Submittal Requirements for All Projects Listed Alphabetically:


To make appeals to City Council, please contact the City Clerk at 970-221-6515 or visit

City Plan Amendments

For information on amending City Plan, please contact City Planning at 970-221-6376.

Overall Development Plan (ODP)

Parking Impact Studies

Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

Rezoning and/or Land Use Code Amendment

Wireless Telecommunication Facility and Equipment (WTF / WTE)


Development Review