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Transportation Master Plan (TMP)#

2011 Transportation Master Plan#

For more information about the TMP, visit Plan Fort Collins, the 2010-11 planning effort. Below are links to download the plans for free. If you would like to purchase hard copies, please visit our FedEx Office DocStore

Title Description Format/Size
Cover Document Cover PDF / 222 Kb
Adoption of Transportation Master Plan 1 page: Copy of the City of Fort Collins City Council resolution adopting the Transportation Master Plan. PDF / 36 Kb
Table of Contents Draft Transportation Master Plan Table of Contents PDF / 35 Kb
Credits 2 page: List of individuals and organizations that participated in the creation of the Transportation Master Plan. PDF / 21 Kb
Executive Summary 7 page: Executive Summary of the Transportation Master Plan PDF / 81 Kb
Chapter 1: Introduction 8 page: Introduction to the Document. This chapter outlines the purpose of the Transportation Master Plan and the plan development process. Also includes: an Existing Plans review and inventory; Revisions to City Plan Goals, Principles, and Policies; Land Use, Population and Employment Projections; a description of the Development of Conceptual Modeling Scenarios. PDF / 290 Kb
Chapter 2: Goals, Principles, and Policies 26 pages: Includes a summary of the Characteristics Analysis, Community Vision, Community Goals, Principles and Policies, and Transportation Related Policy Issues. PDF / 525 Kb
Chapter 3: Recent Trends 6 pages: Discusses Socio-Economic Trends, Transportation Trends, and Land Use and Housing Trends. PDF / 189 Kb
Chapter 4: Transportation Demand 19 pages: This chapter discusses Transportation Demand Modeling inputs and assumptions, a Transportation System Capacity analysis, Modeling Scenario Analyses, and a related Air Quality Analysis. PDF / 5.0 Mb
Chapter 5: Mobility and Access 54 pages: Contains sections on the Master Street Plan, Transit, Enhanced Travel Corridors, the Fort Collins Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans, Transportation Demand Management, Community Railway Crossings, Parking Facilities and Services, Aviation, Local and Regional Plan Coordination, and Advanced Traffic Management System. PDF / 6.2 Mb
Chapter 6: Environmental Considerations 15 pages: Outlines the Plans approach to assessing Environmental Impacts. Also contains a discussion of Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Environmental Relationships and the concept of Context Sensitive Design and Solutions. PDF / 142 Kb
Chapter 7: Implementation 90 pages: This Chapter discusses the Capital Projects Prioritization Process. Also included are lists of Prioritized Transportation Needs and Costs, an Analysis of Existing Revenue Sources, Future Revenue Forecasts, the Fiscally Constrained Capital Improvement Plan, and Potential Transportation Finance Tools. PDF / 8.4 Mb
Chapter 8: Action Items Recommended Action Items. PDF / 126 Kb
Appendix A 17 pages: Summary of Outreach Activities. PDF / 198 Kb
Appendix B 28 pages: Revisions to City Plan Transportation Goals, Principles, and Policies. PDF / 269 Kb
Appendix C 35 pages: Travel Demand Model Analysis. PDF / 1.2 Mb
Appendix D 31 pages: Capital Improvement Plan, listings for all modes. PDF / 131 Kb
Appendix E 8 pages: Funding and revenue resources. PDF / 72 Kb
Appendix F 13 pages: Forecasted Transportation Revenues from Existing Sources. PDF / 92 Kb
Appendix G 3 pages: Supplemental Information regarding the Master Street Plan Amendments Process. PDF / 664 Kb