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Urban Agriculture#

Young tomato plants growing in soil

What can I raise or grow in Fort Collins?

Fort Collins permits urban agriculture in all zone districts, allows farmers markets in many zone districts, and allows a number of animals to be raised.

Check out our short guide to what you can grow or raise in our community

Apply for an Urban Agriculture License

Download the license application here.

Opt out of West Nile virus spraying

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What Is Urban Agriculture?#

The City of Fort Collins defines Urban Agriculture in the Land Use Code as: 

Gardening or farming involving any kind of lawful plant, whether for personal consumption, sale and/or donation. Urban agriculture is a miscellaneous use that does not include plant nursery and greenhouse as a principal use and that is subject to licensing. 

Urban Agriculture, as a miscellaneous land use, does not include the cultivation, storage and sale of crops, vegetables, plants and flowers produced on the premises as an accessory use. In other words, Urban Agriculture is distinct from a backyard garden. Check out our short guide to learn more. 

Download an application for a license. 

Learn more#

Find more detail on what is allowed in Fort Collins and some history on the regulations here.

Three people weeding in a large garden

Community gardens and small farms make up most of the urban agriculture in Fort Collins.

A flock of chickens in the grass

In 2008, the City permitted up to six chickens per lot within city limits.

Community members planting vegetable seedlings together. One woman is white. One woman is Black.

Urban agriculture has the potential to build community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.