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Housing Strategic Plan

Vision for Housing in Fort Collins#

Vision for Housing in Fort Collins

The 2021 Housing Strategic Plan sets out an ambitious vision that everyone in Fort Collins has healthy, stable housing they can afford. The seven greatest challenges to this vision have been identified, and twenty-six strategies have been prioritized as first steps to address each of these challenges.

Housing Strategic Plan

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Land Use Code Updates


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Rental Housing Strategies


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Recorded Info Sessions#

This year, we are beginning updates to the Land Use Code to make sure it supports our adopted goals and policies in City Plan and the Housing Strategic Plan. Before we can propose specific changes, we need to better understand what needs to change, and why.

In order to better understand the why, we've hosted four information sessions exploring housing and demographic trends, learning about "Planning 101", interviewing industry experts about housing capacity in Fort Collins, and exploring how land use regulations either create or limit housing options. If you missed these sessions and want to catch up, use the links below to watch the recordings and view the PowerPoints. 

Want to learn more about how housing policy is created?#

Want to learn more about how housing policy is created?

Click the link below to view the Housing Policy 101 infographic. This is a step-by-step guide created to be an accessible resource for the community in understanding the development of housing policy in the City of Fort Collins Housing Strategic Plan.

Housing Policy 101