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Housing Strategic Plan

Want to learn more about how housing policy is created?#

Want to learn more about how housing policy is created?

Click the link below to view the Housing Policy 101 infographic. This is a step-by-step guide created to be an accessible resource for the community in understanding the development of housing policy in the City of Fort Collins Housing Strategic Plan.

Housing Policy 101

Housing Strategic Plan Update#

On February 16, City Council unanimously adopted the Housing Strategic Plan and appropriated funds to support housing-related Land Use Code updates! You can read the adoption draft of the plan HERE. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories, gave feedback, and participated in the development of the plan. We are looking forward to moving into implementation, starting with a community summit later this spring. Stay tuned for more details, and sign up for regular updates at!

Click the link below the watch an interview with Senior City Planner, Meaghan Overton, to learn more about what a Housing Strategic Plan does and how this version differs from previous versions.

Understand the Basics of the Housing Strategic Plan

What We Heard from the Community#

Draft Housing Strategic Plan#

The Draft Housing Strategic Plan is now available! This draft includes the recently released Priority Strategies as well as information about how these strategies were prioritized, what guiding principles are leading this work, and what next steps will be part of Implementation.

Click the link below to view the entire Draft Housing Strategic Plan.

Draft Housing Strategic Plan PDF

Next Steps#

December 8

At the City Council Work Session, staff shared progress on the Housing Strategic Plan and asked Council for support to consider funding the first phase of updating the City’s Land Use Code. You can review all the materials presented to Council here, or watch the recording (the Housing Strategic Plan update starts around 4 hours, 11 minutes in). 

December 18

The first three sections of the draft Housing Strategic Plan were published.

January 7

The draft Priority Strategies along with the complete Housing Strategic Plan Fall 2020 Engagement Report were published.

January 7-27

Public Comment Period for the Priority Strategies and Draft Housing Strategic Plan.

January 13

The public draft of the Housing Strategic Plan was published for community input.

January 26

At the City Council Work Session, staff shared the outcomes of initial strategy prioritization, draft plan indicators & guiding principles, finalized scope for Land Use Code updates, and additional quick(er) wins as identified by the Ad Hoc Committee.

February 16

City Council unanimously adopted the Housing Strategic Plan and appropriated funds to support housing-related Land Use Code updates. 

March 2

City Council will vote on both the Housing Strategic Plan and the Land Use Code appropriation on Second Reading at their hearing on March 2. Information about how to participate in the Council hearing is available HERE. To submit written comments, email (include “Housing Strategic Plan” in the subject line).

Resource Library#

Want to check out our Housing Document Library?highlight_off
Document Description
DRAFT Housing Strategic Plan (2021)

NEWLY RELEASED! The Housing Strategic Plan guides housing policy, sets housing goals, and creates a framework for City investments in the housing system.

Housing Strategic Plan Engagement Report (2021)

In October and November of 2020, nearly 450 community members took the time to share their experiences, provide feedback, and brainstorm solutions to the housing challenges in Fort Collins. This report sums up this early community feedback.

Home2Health Community Guides Summary Report for Phase 2 and 3 (2020)

This report synthesizes the comments from members of the Fort Collins community who engaged in conversations during Phases 2 and 3 of the Home2Health Community Guide project. 

Partnership for Age Friendly Communities Fall 2020 Engagement Report (2020)

The Housing Priority Group for the Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities conducted four focus groups in the fall of 2020 to address Home2Health Year Two Bottom-Line Questions designed to assess the quality of housing for older adults in Fort Collins. Group discussions were held with older adults who reside in subsidized housing, a mobile home park and members of a senior citizen group (Grand Families).

Housing Policy 101 (2020)

This is a step-by-step guide created to be an accessible resource for the community in understanding the development of housing policy in the City of Fort Collins Housing Strategic Plan.

Affordable Housing Strategic Plan (2015) This plan sets forth goals, strategies, action items, and metrics to guide the City's affordable housing policy and funding for a 5 year period. This plan is the City's fourth 5-year Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.
Affordable Housing Infographic Summary (2020) This is a high-level overview of the state of affordable housing today compared to our 2020 Affordable Housing goals set in the 2015 plan.
Land Use Code Audit (2019) This audit process was initiated by the City to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the Land Use Code as they relate to City Plan policy direction. This audit reflects the results of discussions with City staff and stakeholders who use the Land Use Code on a regular basis--e.g., local architects, planners, and landscape architects, builders, and housing organizations--as we well as the consultant's review of the current Land Use Code.
Housing Plan Existing Conditions Assessment (2020) The purpose of this assessment is to better understand the current state of housing in Fort Collins. Whereas previous iterations of the Housing Strategic Plan focused solely on affordable housing, this iteration will articulate goals, objectives, and strategies for the entire housing spectrum. 
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (2020) This analysis is a study of barriers to housing choice in our community. This document contains information about fair housing law, a community profile, a review of public policy and land use code, fair housing complaint information, results of a community survey on housing choice, and finally a list of identified impediments with an action plan.
Social Sustainability Gaps Analysis (2020) This report is intended to provide a summary of current trends in the Fort Collins community, related to various components of social sustainability, including but not limited to housing, homelessness, poverty, health, wellness, education, diversity, and the needs of special populations.
Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Feasibility Study and Impact Fee Nexus Study (2020) This feasibility study examined housing and economic conditions in the City to make a recommendation of whether or not an inclusionary housing ordinance (IHO) or linkage fee program would be viable tools for increasing the City's supply of affordable housing.

Home2Health Partnership#

Want to learn more ways to get involved?highlight_off

Check out the Home2Health OurCity page!#

Check out the Home2Health OurCity page!

To create a housing plan that works for Fort Collins, we need to hear from as many people as possible! How much time do you have to help create a more healthy, stable, and affordable community? Even if you only have a few minutes, your input matters. 

Check out the Home2Health OurCity page for more opportunities to participate!