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Comprehensive Planning

Update to the East Mulberry Plan Begins!#

Update to the East Mulberry Plan Begins!

In 2002, a plan was created to help integrate the area into the broader Fort Collins community. The City has begun the process of updating the East Mulberry Corridor Plan to reflect current conditions. The new plan aims to reflect a shared vision for the area and create a framework for realizing that vision into the future. This page will be used to offer information on the plan.

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East Mulberry Q&A Summary and Videos#

The following links are available from the April 29th Q&A Sessions. Thank you to everyone who participated, especially to those who submitted questions ahead of time. That allowed us to understand some of the questions and concerns regarding the plan update and the potential annexation process. Some of the questions were condensed for clarity, but staff would be happy to follow up one-on-one or in a group to answer more specific questions. Please visit the links below:

Thanks also to those who participated in the post-event survey. Staff will be following up with those who requested it and dates will be posted for the next engagement opportunity, likely to begin in late June or early July.

E Mulberry Plan City Council Work Session#

The City Council Work Session was held Tuesday, March 9th at 6:00PM. Public input is not taken during Work Sessions, but opportunities to participate in public engagement will begin in late April. Dates for engagement opportunities will be posted soon.

Follow this link to view materials submitted by City staff for City Council:

East Mulberry City Council materials

This plan is:#

  • A collaborative effort led by a team of staff and partners from Planning, Development & Transportation, Finance, Utilities, Police Services, Parks and Natural Areas, and Larimer County staff, among others.
  • A shared vision for the East Mulberry Area, including business areas and residential areas
  • An effort to build relationships and build mutual understanding

Over the next nine months, many people will be working diligently on this new plan. This process will be iterative, inclusive and collaborative. We welcome and will rely on feedback from business owners and community members throughout this process.

Existing Plan#

Cover and link to the existing plan

2002 EMCP Cover

The 2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan (EMCP) was a joint effort between the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County to guide land use in the mostly unincorporated area of Larimer County. The plan was intended to help integrate the area into into Fort Collins as growth continued mostly within unincorporated Larimer County.

Visit the 2002 Corridor Plan

Existing Conditions#

Existing Conditions Document for East Mulberry


In preparation for the update to the East Mulberry Corridor Plan (EMCP) a team of City staff members from various departments assembled an Existing Conditions document to analyze conditions in several areas:

  • demographic information
  • existing infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, public transportation, stormwater, etc)
  • performance of the existing plan community engagement previously conducted with business owners and residents in the area

This document is meant to begin the conversation with internal City staff, business owners and residents within the East Mulberry Plan area. City staff will then identify some of the biggest challenges in order to identify a shared vision and long-term strategies to meet them. It is not an exhaustive list of challenges and through our engagement we will invite business owners, residents and the broader Fort Collins community to identify and refine remaining challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions#

Staff has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions gathered from past engagement efforts and conversations. We will update these periodically as the project progresses. 

What are the components of this project?highlight_off

Annexation is not Definite#

While a portion of this project does explore the potential for annexation, the annexation of the East Mulberry Area is not definite. City Council will need to decide if annexation is feasible and advisable based on findings from this project. If annexation does occur, it is likely to be in phases that will occur over several years.

East Mulberry Plan#

A Full timeline of the entire East Mulberry Project can be found at the end of this page. The East Mulberry Plan is an update to the East Mulberry Corridor Plan created in 2002. The plan will be updated independent of Annexation, however the plan will serve as a roadmap for future development and improvements, some of which may be dependent upon annexation into the City of Fort Collins. The plan will include suggested land uses, urban design, coordinated public safety between Fort Collins Police Services, the Larimer County Sheriff's department and possible annexation phasing plans.

Financial Impact Analysis#

Any time the City plans for a large annexation, the City conducts a financial impact analysis to understand the impacts to various departments to begin to maintain and incorporate the infrastructure into the City. This analysis will also help the City to understand how best to advise the City Council in deciding how to conduct the annexation. The City Council, in advisement from staff and through public engagement, could decide to annex the area in phases over several years in concert with Larimer County and other service providers.

Plan Implementation and Potential Phasing#

Information collected during the update to the East Mulberry Plan, including community engagement, combined with analysis from the financial analysis, will inform the creation of a phasing plan. This plan will aim to inform City Council in options for phasing the East Mulberry area into the City of Fort Collins, possibly over a number of years.

Utilities Questionshighlight_off

FC Light and Power#

Fort Collins Light and Power is a municipally owned service that provides power to the City of Fort Collins residents for over 70,500 homes and businesses and over 55 square miles of land. The service is one of the most reliable electric distribution systems in the country and is over 99% underground.

Time of Day pricing applies to Residential Customers. Commercial rates are calculated differently. Please visit the Time of Day calculator for residential pricing and seasonal rates. The price you pay changes based on the time of day, the day of the week and the season, and includes off-peak and on-peak hours. Off-peak hours cost approximately 30 percent less than current electric rates with higher prices during on-peak hours. More than 80 percent of the time, the price will be going down.

This transition is a rate structure change and not a rate increase. What this means is how you are billed for your electric use is changing. Fort Collins Utilities does not anticipate additional revenue.

Stormwater Fee Calculation#

Fort Collins Utilities charges a monthly rate to pay for construction and maintenance of Fort Collins' stormwater system, which helps protect residents and businesses during storms and floods on a citywide basis. This includes ongoing maintenance of regional stormwater quality and detention ponds, underground storm drainage pipe systems, and culverts. All developed properties within city limits pay stormwater rates, which are based on impervious surface and lot size. Below is an example calculation of a stormwater fee for


Estimated Lot SF: 11,972 SF (.27 Acres)

Estimated Impervious Surface: 3,218 SF (Rate Factor: .25)*

Estimated 2020 Monthly Fee: $13.56

Formula for Estimated Monthly Rates (Residential and Commercial calculations are the same):

  • Single-family Lots Under 12,000 Square Feet: Monthly Rate = $0.00453 x runoff factor x square feet up to 12,000
  • Single-family Lots Over 12,000 Square Feet: Monthly Rate = $0.00113 x runoff factor x square feet > 12,000 These lots receive a reduction in fees on that portion of the lot greater than 12,000 feet.
  • Duplex and Multi-Family Lots: Monthly Rate = $0.00453 x runoff factor x area in square feet.
  • For Commercial: Add in as Duplex and Multi-Family (as a category)

This is an estimated fee based on 2020 rates. A stormwater fee specialist will be able to calculate the exact fees. 

Check out our printable rates sheet for more information.

For further information, please contact the Fee and Rate Specialists, 970-XXX-XXXX,


Sales Taxes#

3.85% Sales Tax within the City. For more information on the City's sales tax ordinance, please visit the City's sales tax webpage:

Classes are also offered through the Sales Tax office for in-depth information about what is covered under Sales and Use tax, who it applies to and how to report those to the City.

Sales Tax Classes

Property Taxes#

Property taxes for properties within the City are very close to those outside of the City limits. 

Property Tax Comparison PDF Link

What is an Enclave and What is Annexation?highlight_off


An enclave is a property, or group of properties, that are in unincorporated Larimer County but, due to urban growth and development are now surrounded by the City of Fort Collins municipal boundary.


An enclave annexation is a growth management technique used by municipalities that allows Cities and Towns to establish a unified jurisdiction that does not have pockets of unincorporated land. After an enclave is created, three years must elapse before the City or Town can annex the property or multiple properties.

  • Annexation is used to bring urbanized areas into the urban service jurisdiction of the City of Fort Collins.
  • Within this G.M.A., the City and County have agreed that growth and development should be at an urban level and that the City, and/or special districts, is best able to provide an urban level of public services. Under the I.G.A., with regard to land located within the G.M.A., the City has agreed to pursue the annexation of enclaves as those areas become eligible according to state law.

Next Steps#

East Mulberry Business Focus Groups

In August, several City staff reached out to a small number of businesses within the East Mulberry Area to discuss strengths and opportunities within the area. Businesses who participated were from several different industries, including retail sales, manufacturing and repair.

Focus Group #1 Notes

Focus Group #2 Notes

City Council Work Session

City staff will give the City Council an update on the East Mulberry Corridor Project. This update will include a focus on the community engagement plan, the Existing Conditions outline and a timeline for the project.

Materials will be available about a week prior to the Work Session by following this link:

The Work Session can be viewed live starting at 6:00PM on February 9th by following this link:

Document Library#

Document Description
2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan The 2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan was created as a joint planning effort between the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County.