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East Mulberry Plan#

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Update to the East Mulberry Plan#


In 2002, the East Mulberry Corridor Plan was created to help integrate the area into the broader Fort Collins community. The City has begun the process of updating this plan to reflect current conditions. This plan is:

  • A collaborative effort led by a team of staff and partners from Planning, Development & Transportation, Finance, Utilities, Police Services, Parks and Natural Areas, and Larimer County staff, among others,
  • A shared vision for the East Mulberry Area, including business areas and residential areas,
  • An effort to build relationships and build mutual understanding.

Recent Public Events#

East Mulberry Project Engagement#

Engagement Type Details

City Council Work Session

December 13, 2022

The purpose of this upcoming work session with Council is to gather insight into the East Mulberry Plan update and potential annexation considerations related to the plan update. Staff will share a potential approach to annexation for Council to consider based on a concept referred to as 'tipping points'.

Click here to view the agenda and the live stream

City Council Finance Committee Session

October 20, 2022

Staff covered key opportunities and tradeoffs associated with each of the East Mulberry Character Areas. Council had directed staff to provide ranges of costs to inform future discussions.

.View Meeting Notes HERE

City Council Finance Committee Session

August 1, 2022

Council directed staff to enhance the storytelling surrounding the financial scenarios and illuminate how opportunities and tradeoffs tie into Council and community priorities.

City Council Work Session

April 26, 2022

Council directed staff to study and prepare a summary of lessons learned from the Southwest Enclave. Direction was given to proceed cautiously with the potential annexation analysis with clear decision points for Council along the way.

Joint City Council and Board of County Commissioners Meeting

April 13, 2022

This meeting covered the following East Mulberry Annexation topics:

  • Explore expectations regarding the timing of annexation and shared purpose
  • Discuss near-, mid-, and long-term trigger points for annexation phases
  • What feedback do Commissioners and Councilmembers have on the goals and shared values of the plan and the annexation decision-making framework?

City Council Work Session

March 8, 2022

Council directed staff to carefully consider a potential annexation and explore other frameworks for a phased approach.

Community Workshops

Residents: January 24 & 27, 2022

Businesses: February 8 & 9, 2022

These virtual workshop covered a range of topics including:

  • look and safety of streets
  • new sidewalks, bike lanes, and connections to the Poudre River Trail
  • improvements to internet speed and ways to address flooding
  • community priorities for businesses and housing

Community Workshops

October 27 & 28, 2021

These workshops gave community members an opportunity to discuss what they value most about the East Mulberry area today and how they envision the future of this unique community gateway.

City Council Work Session

October 26, 2021

City Staff presents to City Council about the direction of the plan and preliminary findings for Annexation planning.

Community Visioning Sessions

June 4, July 14, August 4, 2021

City staff presented key themes from the Existing Conditions document and gathered input from community members on the future vision of the East Mulberry Area.

  • Watch recorded staff presentation HERE
  • Vea la presentación grabada del personal AQUÍ

Community Q&A Sessions

April 29, 2021

City staff hosted two virtual Q&A sessions for businesses and residents of the East Mulberry area to address questions about the update to the East Mulberry Plan and annexation.

City Council Work Session

March 9, 2021

City staff gave an East Mulberry Project update to City Council which focused on the community engagement plan, the Existing Conditions outline and a timeline for the project.

Document Library#

Document Description
East Mulberry Engagement Report In the summer of 2021, residents and business community members were invited to attend City led conversations to learn more about the annexation process, to ask questions, and to share their concerns and aspirations around future annexation efforts.
2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan The 2002 East Mulberry Corridor Plan was created as a joint planning effort between the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County.
Existing Conditions Document Document outlining existing conditions in four different categories. A starting point for the Visioning phase of the plan-making process.