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FC Moves (Transportation Planning)

2020 Transportation Projects Fair

What You can Expect to Learn

At our Transportation Projects Fair, we'll provide participants with information about many transportation-related projects coming up in and around Fort Collins in 2020. Here's a preview of what you'll expect to learn:

  • Long range planning projects.
  • Multimodal infrastructure projects and programs.
  • Capital projects.
  • Education and data.
  • Regional planning.

Below, you'll find more information on each project featured at the Projects Fair.

Larimer County

Learn about the County's Multimodal Index, a collaborative project that assessed access to multimodal transportation networks in Fort Collins and Loveland. Learn more about how the Index can be used by practitioners, professionals, and the public. 

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North Front Range MPO

The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) plan regional transportation projects and regional project management. Learn more about what NFRMPO has planned for 2020 and beyond. 

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I-25 & Prospect Interchange

I-25 is undergoing major changes, coordinated by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Learn more about the I-25 project timeline, including what has been completed, what is in store for the region, and next major phases of the project. 

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Transit Master Plan

Learn about the City of Fort Collins' recent City Plan update, which includes the Transit Master Plan and Fort Collins' vision for the future of transit.

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Transportation Master Plan

As part of the City of Fort Collins' City Plan update, the Transportation Master Plan is Fort Collins' vision for transportation in the city, including multimodal considerations, land use, and more.

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Safety & Crash Data

Serious crashes in Fort Collins, regardless of mode, are on the decline. Learn more about this data and how it informs infrastructure design and transportation planning. 

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

Each September, Fort Collins joins communities across the nation in counting bicyclists and pedestrians. This data helps plan for multimodal corridors and projects. Learn more about how Fort Collins uses this data.

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Transportation Education

City staff organize education with the help of volunteers and other stakeholders. Learn more about Safe Routes to School (youth transportation education) and adult transportation education initiatives. 

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Transit Projects

Transit is a major component to helping Fort Collins achieve climate action goals. Learn more about how transit is evolving.

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Bike Share

Learn more about how bike share fits into Fort Collins' transportation system and how you can better utilize shared services and connect to other modes.

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Pedestrian Program

While Fort Collins is known for its bicycle-friendliness, our walking culture is a step behind. Learn more about how Fort Collins is planning for walking as a mode of transportation, plus considerations for those with mobility challenges.

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Capital Projects

Information on capital projects will include: Laporte Ave., Linden St., Timberline Rd. between Mulberry St. and Vine Dr., E. Prospect, and Vine/Lemay. 

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Mountain Ave. Reshaping

One of Fort Collins' most iconic streets is due for a revisioning. Learn more about plans and possible designs for Mountain Ave. 

Low-stress Bicycle Crossings

Crossing major arterial streets poses safety and logistic challenges for people traveling by bike, on foot, scooting, and more. Learn about upcoming projects aimed at improving access to multimodal networks outlined in the Bicycle Master Plan. 

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Street Maintenance Program

Every street has a life cycle, which presents opportunities to reimagine existing corridors and street design as they are systematically improved. Learn about which streets are due for maintenance in the coming years, and what that may mean for multimodal design. 

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Traffic Signal Projects

Learn about upcoming signal upgrades and additions, and learn more about how Traffic Operations staff manage the entire street network in Fort Collins. 

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Pilot Projects

Innovative design requires data, testing, and refinements to inform future projects. From protected bike lanes to back-in angle parking, learn about how Fort Collins uses pilot projects to advance innovation. 

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CSU Projects

Learn more about what multimodal projects are planned at Colorado State University. 

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Electrify Your Ride

As e-devices become more pervasive, from e-scooters and e-bikes to electric cars and charging infrastructure. Learn more about these initiatives. 

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Trails Projects

Learn about multiuse trail projects planned for 2020 in Fort Collins.

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