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College/Trilby Intersection Improvements#


Project Map

Reconstruction of the intersection of Trilby Road and U.S. 287/College Avenue has been a priority for the City as development and traffic continue in Northern Colorado.

The City recently completed an Arterial Intersection Prioritization Study that identified traffic safety and congestion problems at this intersection.

Safety concerns include high frequencies of approach turn and rear-end crashes. Operational concerns include high volumes on north-south legs and increasing volumes on east-west approach legs, often exceeding the capacities of the single left turn lanes given the available green light times. Bicycle and pedestrian safety and accessibility are also concerns at the intersection.

The City’s Master Street Plan also calls for Trilby to eventually be a four-lane arterial road between Shields Street and Timberline Road. This reconstruction would accommodate a future widening of Trilby.

Project Description and Goals#

This project will reconstruct the intersection of U.S. 287/College Avenue and Trilby Road in south Fort Collins.

After construction, the intersection will feature dual left turn lanes from College Avenue to Trilby Road, right turn lanes for each direction of travel, and a widened Trilby Road approach to College Avenue.

The reconstructed intersection will improve safety for current and future traffic levels and growth continues in the region and will create a safer intersection for all users.

November 14, 2023 • Public Meeting#

The City and project partners hosted an open house style public information session about planned improvements to the College/Trilby intersection on November 14. Informational poster boards displayed at the event are provided here for those who could not attend. 

Download PDF of Presentation Boards

Above is the current design of the new College/Trilby intersection. Click the image for a larger version.


As of spring of 2023, reconstruction of the College/Trilby intersection is expected to begin in late 2023 and continue through 2024.


This project is expected to cost between $12 million and $14 million.

Funding will come from CDOT/FHWA grants, the Transportation Capital Expansion Fee, and contributions from developments.

Future Public Meeting Anticipated Summer 2023 - TBD#

Past Public Meeting - March 2022#

The City of Fort Collins and Wilson & Co. Engineers and Architects held a virtual neighborhood public meeting for this project on March 3. The presentation shown at the meeting and videos of the meeting are posted below.


Tracy Dyer | Project Manager – Civil Engineer II |

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