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Power Trail/Mail Creek Trail Overpass Connection#


Mail Creek Trail Proposed Alignment

Project Map

The Siphon Pedestrian Overpass refers to a proposed pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks between Harmony Road and Trilby Road. This overpass is part of the larger Mail Creek Trail that will connect the Power Trail to neighborhoods in southeast Fort Collins.

The Power Trail is a recreational and commuter bike trail running north and south through the City of Fort Collins. At the north end it connects with the Spring Creek Trail, and at the south it connects with the Larimer County and City of Loveland trail networks. The trail runs parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Because of its proximity to the railroad tracks, access to the trail from the east is limited to where roads cross the tracks. Between Harmony Road and Trilby Road, there is a 2-mile section with no access from the east. There is significant demand for access in this section because of nearby residential neighborhoods, schools, and businesses. There is also evidence of people crossing the tracks in unauthorized locations to access the trail. With planned future residential developments east of the tracks near the project location, it is expected that demand will increase significantly.

Project Description and Goals#

The Siphon Pedestrian Overpass Project will design and construct a trail bridge over the railroad tracks and a trail connection to Timberline Road, about halfway in between Harmony and Trilby. The trail connection will follow the south bank of the Mail Creek Ditch and the north edge of two planned residential developments. The project will provide access to the Power Trail from the east, eliminating the need for trail users to travel north to Harmony or south to Trilby.

The City was awarded a State of Colorado Multi-Modal Options Fund grant for design and construction. The project is a partnership between the City’s Engineering Department and Park Planning & Development Department.

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Project Rendering#

A rendering of the overpass.

A rendering of what the overpass could look like. To see more images, click the photo.


  • The section of Mail Creek Trail between the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and the Timberline Road underpass is scheduled to be constructed later this year. 

  • The Siphon Overpass of the UPRR is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall of 2024.

Current Funding#

Project Cost: $4 million

Identified Funding:

  • Multi-Modal Options Fund Grant: $500,000
  • Community Capital Improvement Program Sales Tax: $2.2 million
  • Transportation Capital Expansion Fee: $500,000
  • Park Planning & Development: $800,000


Jin Wang | Project Manager | 970-416-2292 |