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Crossing Rendering

Power Trail and Harmony Road Grade-Separated Crossing Project#

Map of proposed Power Trail/Harmony Road grade-separated crossing

The Engineering Department and FC Moves are conducting a Pedestrian and Bicycle Grade-Separated Prioritization Study. As part of the study, the Power Trail at Harmony Road was identified as a high priority. Currently, Power Trail users use neighborhood streets on both sides of Harmony, crossing Harmony at McMurry Avenue.

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Project Goals#

  • Complete missing gap in Power Trail
  • Improve safety and convenience for trail users
  • Reduce number of pedestrians and bicyclists crossing Harmony Road at grade
  • Provide aesthetically pleasing solution

Project Status#

Preliminary design has been completed and progress towards full construction plans is underway. In January of 2023, the City was awarded a $2.7 million grant through the Federal Highway Administration Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program. The City is actively pursuing additional grant opportunities as they become available to fully fund the project for construction.


In 2015 a 10-year quarter-cent tax renewal, Community Capital Improvement Program (CCIP), was passed by voters. Part of the tax is dedicated to bike and pedestrian grade-separated crossings. Funding for the Power Trail and Harmony Road project has been identified from CCIP, a federal Transportation Alternatives Program grant and a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant through the Federal Highway Administration.


  • Feasibility Study: 2018-2019
  • Preliminary Design: 2020
  • Final Design: 2023
  • Construction: 2024 - Contingent on final funding


Dillon Willett | Project Manager – Civil Engineer II | 907-726-7685 |