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2024 Transportation Projects Fair#

Ciclismo Seguro books and bike maps arranged on a table.

The fair was held on Thursday, February 22, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. at the Northside Aztlan Community Center.

The open house-style event allowed members of the public browse a variety of short and long term projects planned throughout the city and talk to city staff and regional partners. Refreshments were served and an interpreter was available.

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Featured Projects#

Check out the transportation projects that were featured at the 2024 event below. 

An upgraded Transfort bus stop

Transfort ADA Bus Stop Upgrades

Through their Bus Stop Improvements Program, Transfort aims to bring all Transfort bus stops into Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance so that transit is accessible and comfortable to people of all abilities and ages. Find out what upgrades have been completed already, and what is planned for 2024.

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A Transfort CSR helps a passenger with navigation.

Transfort Travel Training

Are you curious about riding public transportation in Fort Collins? Would you like some help learning to read the bus schedules or using a trip planner? Transfort Customer Support staff are happy to offer Travel Training. Stop by their booth to learn how to participate.

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Max bus on the street

Bus Operator Recruitment

Interested in working for Transfort? Follow your passion and pursue your career with the City of Fort Collins as a Bus Operator with Transfort.

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A sign on the outside of a parking garage letting people know there is public parking at that location.

Parking Services

Visit Parking Services at the fair to learn about downtown parking, the Residential Parking Permit Program (RP3), and what they are doing for your safety and security.

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Max bus pulling out of the South Transit Center

Transfort Fleet Electrification

Transfort has set a goal to convert the transit fleet to 100% Zero Emission Vehicles by 2040 and has been working with a consultant to create a detailed implementation plan. Currently, Transfort has two battery electric buses in service with nine more planned for delivery over the next two years.

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Max bus at the South Transit Center

West Elizabeth Corridor Project

The City of Fort Collins, Transfort, and Colorado State University are continuing to develop Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service along the West Elizabeth Street corridor. The City of Fort Collins and Transfort are also planning BRT service for the North College Max. Stop by and find out what the future of BRT looks like for Fort Collins.

Front page of the Transit Master Plan, featuring a Max bus at the Downtown Transit Center

Future of Transit

Learn about the City of Fort Collins' vision for the future of transit.

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Poster explaining Ride NoCo


RideNoCo is a central hub to discover transportation options in the Northern Colorado region and beyond..

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Bicycles parked at the bike racks at New Belgium Brewing

Chicas en bicicletas

For the past few years FC Moves has been cultivating a community-oriented group, the Chicas en bicicletas. This group, made up of women who have Spanish language as the language of their hear, bikes and walks together, while building community and fitness.

Kids riding bikes at school

Safe Routes to School

The City’s Safe Routes to School program conducts transportation studies and completes infrastructure improvements, in addition to completing programming at Poudre School District schools. In 2024 the National Safe Routes to School Conference will be held in Fort Collins.

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Person riding their bike in the springtime on the Spring Creek Trail.

Active Modes Plan

The Active Modes Plan, approved by City Council in December of 2022, identifies key opportunities to significantly improve and expand the City’s existing active modes networks, support facilities, policies, and programs. Come see what has been implemented already, and what is next up on the list.

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Bicyclists riding through a Toucan intersection in the summer.

Shift Your Ride Travel Options

FC Moves has developed a travel demand management (TDM) program branded as Shift Your Ride Travel Options. A TDM program employs a suite of strategies to help people SHIFT to travel modes with lower environmental impacts while also improving mobility and access.

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Bicyclists riding Spin bikes through a neighborhood


What do you like best about Spin? What do you want changed about Spin? Text 970-387-2799 or email to reach the local Fort Collins Spin team.

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Person pushing the start button on an electric vehicle

Don't Drip and Drive

According to the EPA, polluted stormwater runoff is one of the greatest threats to clean water in the U.S. What does this mean for us when we drive? Learn more about steps you can take to help protect our waterways for future generations.

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FRPR district map

Front Range Passenger Rail District

The FRPR District is a new government agency with the mission to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain a new passenger rail system along the Front Range.

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BFC logo and website image featuring people on bikes

Bike Fort Collins

Visit the Bike Fort Collins booth to learn more about what they are up to, and to talk bike safety.

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Workers are installing a sidewalk

Laporte Corridor Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

The Laporte Avenue corridor between Fishback Avenue and Sunset Street currently has several gaps in bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Find out what changes have been completed, and what is yet to come.

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Graphic of a map featuring the location of College and Trilby.

College & Trilby Intersection Improvements

Reconstruction of the intersection of Trilby Road and U.S. 287/College Avenue has been a priority for the City as development and traffic continue in Northern Colorado. This project will reconstruct the intersection of U.S. 287/College Avenue and Trilby Road in south Fort Collins.

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Graphic map showing the location of the overpass.

Power Trail & Mail Creek Trail Overpass Connection

The Siphon Pedestrian Overpass Project will design and construct a trail bridge over the railroad tracks and a trail connection to Timberline Road, about halfway in between Harmony and Trilby. This overpass is part of the larger Mail Creek Trail that will connect the Power Trail to neighborhoods in southeast Fort Collins.

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Graphically designed image of a bikeway wayfinding sign for the Centre Bikeway

Bikes: Parking, Map, Signage, and Data Collection

Find out what FC Moves is doing to make it easier for you to navigate through town and find a place to lock your bike. You can also find out what data collection efforts are being done to keep FC Moves up to date with the trends of how you move through town.

People walking ang biking through the Oval on CSU campus.

CSU Projects

Learn more about what multimodal projects are planned at CSU. From the Phemister Trail and the Mountain Loop Trail to the W. Elizabeth BRT, Colorado State University has a robust multimodal project list. Stop by their booth to find out what is new, and to talk speed control on Hughes Way, bike lane parking enforcement and education, and bike roundabouts.

There will also be a Senior Design Project featuring Reservoir Ridge and the Soldier Creek Trail, and information about hydrogen-powered vehicles and three new hydrogen refueling stations that CSU is developing.

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A banner hangs on safety railing during construction of Linden Street.

Future of Linden Street

The City is developing a long-term use plan for Linden Street. The plan will layout how Linden Street could be used as a convertible space for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as different types of activities. We asked the community to complete a survey to hear your thoughts. Come find out the results of the survey, and what is next.

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People stand in the middle of a closed street, participating in Open Streets.

Bike to Work Day & Open Streets

Stop by the Bike to Work Day and Open Streets booth to learn about upcoming events and changes.

Artist paints the street with bright colors in Fort Collins

Asphalt Art

The next asphalt art installation, located at the intersection of Magnolia, Canyon and Sherwood near The Lincoln Center, will be the largest of its kind in Fort Collins thanks to a grant awarded to the City by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Planning and outreach events will begin in early 2024 with installation planned for summer 2024.

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A street being repaved

Street Maintenance Program

Every street has a life cycle, which presents opportunities to reimagine existing corridors and street design as they are systematically improved. Learn about which streets are due for maintenance in the coming years, and what that may mean for multimodal design.

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Traffic operations signal board, lit up.

Traffic Operations Projects

The City of Fort Collins Traffic Operations department oversees all aspects of traffic related responsibilities within the City. Examples include signal systems, signs and pavement markings, traffic engineering such as speed limits, other studies, work area traffic control, safety, pedestrian and bike innovations, neighborhood traffic mitigation, etc.

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Image of someone riding their bike on a trail in Fort Collins.

Parks Planning

Parks and trails are an integral component of the Fort Collins lifestyle. Our goal is to collaborate with the community to plan, design, and build a world-class park system. Learn more about planned projects and the Strategic Trails Plan.

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Paved multi use trail with no one on it.

Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is the active transportation aspect of the Regional Transportation Plan for the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization region. The plan is updated every four years to use current information to evaluate the current active transportation system and to make recommendations on how to improve the system. The most recent ATP was adopted in July 2021.

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