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Casa Grande Blvd.#

project map for Casa Grande Blvd. transportation projects

Project Overview#

The City of Fort Collins is improving the bike facilities on Casa Grande Blvd. between Dunbar Ave. and S. Shields St. in conjunction with road resurfacing in 2023.  The City will remove parking on the north side of Casa Grande Blvd. from Dunbar Ave. to Sam Houston Cir. to widen and buffer the bike lanes. This section of Casa Grande Blvd. is part of the City’s low-stress bicycle network which provides connections to Rossborough Park, Rocky Mountain High School, the Pleasant Valley Trail, and other key destinations.

Parking will not be impacted on Casa Grande Blvd. from Sam Houston Cir. to S. Shields St. The existing combined parking and bike lanes are not wide enough to accommodate both uses so the City will remove the bike lane lines and add "sharrows", or shared lane markings. Click here to learn more about sharrows.

Neighborhood Meeting#

The City held a hybrid public meeting on transportation improvements along Casa Grande Blvd. on Thursday, March 9 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The presentation slides are available here.

Watch the meeting recording


Cortney Geary | Active Modes Manager, FC Moves | 970-416-2471 |