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Your Guide to Low-Stress Bicycling#

Bicycling is a great form of exercise and recreation that can be done while maintaining safe social distances and adhering to local health guidelines regarding COVID-19.  As Fort Collins' paved and soft-surface trails experience increased use during this time, we encourage you to explore other great on-street bike routes near your home. Fort Collins is a Platinum-rated Bicycle Friendly Community and maintains more than 200 miles of dedicated bike lanes and 50 miles of marked or signed bike routes.

There are ample opportunities for you to walk and bike along comfortable low-stress streets close to home. What’s more, traffic volumes are down, offering even more incentive for you to explore our great on-street bike networks.

Check out our bike map here

Take the Bikeway Bingo Challenge!#

Looking for something fun and active this summer? Explore and learn about Fort Collins’ family-friendly bikeways, parks, natural areas, neighborhoods, and public art using a series of five Fort Collins Bikeway Bingo Challenges. Complete all 5 and you’ll be able to expertly navigate Fort Collins’ extensive bikeway network! For tips, route maps, and bicycling resources before your roll, check out the rest of our website.

Except for the "Signed Bikeways" Bingo Challenge, each Bingo Theme linked below features five randomized cards - try them with your friends and family! #BikewayBingo

Explore these signed on-street bikeways#

In 2014, Fort Collins adopted its Bicycle Master Plan, which recommended a low-stress bicycle network comprised of low-volume and low-speed streets with comfortable crossings at arterial intersections.  We’ve been completing this network over the past 5 years and have several great route options for you to try. The routes linked below can be viewed using RideSpot, but also note that each route has dedicated bicycle wayfinding along the entire route to guide your way!  Look for the blue and green signs as shown in the image above. The City Bike Map also highlights these routes.  

Centre Bikeway

The Centre Bikeway travels nearly 8 miles from the Fossil Creek Trail on the south end of Fort Collins to the Poudre Trail and Lee Martinez Park on the north side of Fort Collins. You can even access this route from Loveland by traveling north on the Long View Trail! Features along the way include parks, natural areas, and access to trails, The route travels through the center of Colorado State University, so be mindful if traveling on campus when school's in session! Follow the green and blue bicycle wayfinding signs to guide your way!

Explore the Route Here

Remington Bikeway

The Remington Bikeway is an 8-mile route connecting south Fort Collins to north Fort Collins. It features dedicated bike lanes the entire way, provides access to trails, parks, schools, local businesses and more! Look for the bike counter near Lake Street!

Explore the Route Here

Pitkin Bikeway

The Pitkin Bikeway is a great on-street bike route connecting nearly 5 miles of low-stress streets and providing access to parks, Colorado State University, Gardens, the Mason and Spring Creek Trails, and MAX bus rapid transit. The arterial intersections feature dedicated bicycle and pedestrian signals (called Toucans!).

Explore the Route Here

Swallow Bikeway

The Swallow Bikeway travels east-west for nearly 5 miles and connects four multi-use trails (Spring Creek, Mason, Power, and Rendezvous)! This a great mid-town route featuring low-volume streets with dedicated bike lanes along the way. Stop off at Foothills Mall for lunch, or extend your ride by jumping on one of the paved trails. The Swallow Bikeway provides access to MAX bus rapid transit, as well as to Rocky Mountain High School on the west end and Fort Collins High School on the east end!

Explore the Route Here

City Park Bikeway

Looking for a great north-south route connecting south Fort Collins to north Fort Collins? Try this 7-mile on-street bike route providing access from Fossil Creek Trail and Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area all the way to the Poudre Trail and River in north Fort Collins! You'll cross the Spring Creek Trail, Rolland Park, and City Park along the way - all great spots to stop and play! Don't forget to check out Fort Collins Walk & Wheel Skills Hub near Rolland Moore Park.

Explore the Route Here

Resources to get you rolling#

Adult Education Resources#

For many of us, bicycling is an essential form of transportation and recreation. Here are some educational resources you can access from home to help you keep riding smoothly and safely. 

Learn from Home Resources

Need a Bike Buddy?#

Go to:

Are you looking for help learning the ins and outs of bicycle commuting? Whatever your situation, a Bike Buddy can help get you bicycling to work, school or wherever you’re heading.

The program matches you with a trained Bicycle Ambassador who can help with:

  • Selecting a comfortable route
  • Riding safely in traffic
  • Fixing a flat
  • Choosing gear for your commute
  • Riding in inclement weather
  • Taking your bike on the bus (bike-n-ride)
  • Other tips and techniques

Click here to register

Safe Routes Resources#

In response to school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, Safe Routes to School is developing resources for use by teachers and students during this period of remote learning. We will target all of the schools scheduled to receive in-school programming this spring semester. At some point, we may also share resources with additional schools.

Learn from Home Resources

Educational Videos#