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Mason Corridor

Draft Midtown Plan - Feedback Form

Thank you for taking time to review the draft Midtown Plan - it is the culmination of an extensive effort to understand the corridor and incorporate ideas from a variety of community stakeholders. The Plan provides a long-term vision for Midtown and guidance on how to achieve that vision.

Your feedback is important and greatly appreciated! This form is intended to be open-ended to allow you to provide thoughts on the various concepts identified in the Plan. Below you will find various topic areas that have been divided according to their corresponding Chapters. You may provide comments/questions on as many or as few as you would like. For example, if you are only interested in Chapter 3, Mobility and Access, you don't need to provide comments on any of the other topics if you so choose.

Your input will influence the final Midtown Plan that will be presented to City Council for adoption.

Please submit your comments before July 3, 2013. Thank you!

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