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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many jobs moving to teleworking (sometimes referred to as telecommuting) or remote work beginning in spring 2020. This webpage is dedicated to providing telecommuting/remote work resources to employers and employees within the City of Fort Collins.

Although the resources here are meant to help businesses in response to current issues and challenges, the City is working to further support telecommuting/remote work after COVID-19 because of the benefits for employers and employees associated with working from home and environmental benefits due to reduced commuting travel.

In mid-2020, a survey was recently administered to City of Fort Collins employees to better understand the experiences and sentiments about teleworking and flexible works schedules to help inform future polices. The responses from more than 1,000 City employees were overwhelmingly positive about teleworking, with 90% of respondents indicating they want to continue to telework a percentage of the time post-COVID and 94% are interested in flexible work hours or days. Telework has positively impacted both the physical and mental well-being for the majority of respondents. Additionally, 93% of respondents indicated they are more or equally productive while teleworking.

Telework Toolkit#

The City of Fort Collins has created a Telework Toolkit to help organizations transition to telework, whether full-time or a hybrid model. The toolkit is divided into four sections: Benefits, Policies & Procedures, Guidance for Managers and Employees, and Technology.

Check out the toolkit components below and learn tips for moving your organization to telework.

Access a Printable Toolkit



Teleworking has many benefits:

  1. Flexibility and Productivity
  2. Improved personal and environmental health
  3. Cost savings for both employer and employee

Learn more about Benefits

Policies and Procedures

Teleworking Policies & Procedures

  1. Employer/Employee sample surveys
  2. Policies & policy considerations
  3. Telework agreements between employers and employees
  4. Best practices for implementing telework policies

See Policies & Procedures


  1. Guidance for Selecting Telework Cyber Security Technology
  2. Guidance for Selecting Remote Work Hardware and Software Systems
  3. Guidance for Providing Positive Reinforcement to Teleworkers Using Technology Solutions

Learn more about Technology

Guidance for Managers & Employees

  1. Tips for productivity and working from home
  2. Tips for Virtual Meetings
  3. Video Resources
  4. Guidance for Managing Teleworkers
  5. Liability and Safety Considerations

Learn more about Guidance

Current State and County Telework Advice#

The following best practices related to remote and flexible work schedules have been issued by the Governor’s #DoingMyPartCO campaign:

  • Encourage and enable remote work whenever possible
  • Provide flexible or remote scheduling for employees who need to continue to Stay at Home, who may have a child or elder care obligations, or who live with a person who still needs to observe Stay at Home due to an underlying condition, age, or other factors

For updated COVID information from the State of Colorado, visit

Following is a link to Larimer County’s Safer at Home Order for Businesses and Workplaces

Learn More

Additional Information#