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West Elizabeth Corridor

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 West Elizabeth Update

Project Updates

City Council unanimously adopted the West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan at the October 18, 2016 City Council Meeting.

Plan Documents

Project Vision

The West Elizabeth corridor has been identified as a priority in the Transit Master Plan as part of a citywide network of Bus Rapid Transit corridors – uniquely designed corridors with an emphasis on high-frequency transit, bicycling and walking. The West Elizabeth ETC Plan will develop a short- and long-term vision for the corridor based on an understanding of the transportation, land use, environmental, economic and social needs of the area.

On West Elizabeth, Fort Collins seeks to build on the success of MAX and the extensive experience gained through all phases of that Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. The roadmap for multi-modal transportation improvements is laid out in the West Elizabeth Enhanced Travel Corridor Plan, adopted with extensive community engagement in 2016. The plan details a BRT system supported by related roadway, bicycle and pedestrian improvements. The multi-modal improvements would meet current demand and future growth by consolidating existing service to BRT, connecting to CSU and the existing MAX line, and completing an enhanced and connected bicycling and pedestrian network. The project supports development and redevelopment in the Corridor by adding significant mass transportation capacity.  Click here for more info.

Study Area

West Elizabeth Project Map

Where Are We In The Process?

The West Elizabeth ETC Plan was adopted by City Council in October 2016. The City anticipates starting the 35% design process in 2020 through a state-funded grant. This phase is required to qualify for federal (Small Starts) funding to construct the project. More information will be available in the upcoming months upon final approval of the grant funding.

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