Sustainability and the Mason Corridor

The Mason Corridor fosters more than economic development and improved transportation; it embodies the City of Fort Collins' commitment to sustainability. Sustainability, by definition, means taking a broad look at how decisions and actions affect environment, economy, and social health. Through the Mason Corridor, the City is able to positively impact all three of these components and further Fort Collins as a leader in sustainable development.

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Environmental Benefits of Mason Corridor

Transit and trail components of the Mason Corridor will have sweeping impacts on the environment. Those traveling in Fort Collins will have more options than ever to safely and conveniently bicycle, walk, or ride to key areas in the city, providing access to work centers, shopping areas, and recreation facilities without the need of a car. As people utilize alternative modes, congestion and pollution levels in our City will decrease, which means less CO2 (one of the key measures used in evaluating the environmental health) will be emitted in our community.

Fast Facts


  • Americans living in areas served by public transportation save $18 billion annually in congestion costs.
    Source: 2005 Urban Mobility Report. College Station: Texas Transportation Institute,Texas A&M University, 2005.

  • A single person, commuting alone by car, who switches a 20-mile round trip commute to existing public transportation, can reduce his or her annual CO2 emissions by 4,800 pounds per year, equal to a 10% reduction in all greenhouse gases produced by a typical two-adult, two-car household. By eliminating one car and taking public transportation instead of driving, a savings of up to 30% of carbon dioxide emissions can be realized.
    Source: American Public Transportation Association.

  • In 2005, traffic congestion created an estimated $78 billion drain on the economy in the form of 4.2 billion lost hours of time and 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel.
    Source: A Better Way to GoMeeting America's 21 Century Transportation Challenges with Modern Public Transit U.S. PIRG Education Fund, March 2008


  • Riding a bicycle means you emit zero C02, ozone and smog pollution.

  • Bicycles also emit zero noise pollution.

  • Cycling promotes healthier habits - improve fitness, maintain healthy weight, and reduce stress!