The Opportunity

The Mason Corridor plan is much more than a transportation initiative, it is about building on our existing investments to create a stronger community. Mason Corridor and MAX Bus Rapid Transit provide the framework for future economic development and serve as the foundation to encourage community partnerships, private investment, active living, and attractive, urban lifestyles. The Mason Corridor is a fundamental connection between the City, Colorado State University, and local business and neighborhoods.

Economic Growth

Nearly 60 percent of all Fort Collins jobs are located within one-mile of the Corridor. In addition, public investment in the Mason Corridor will encourage private economic development along its length. New zoning changes will promote high density, mixed-use development around the stations.

The City of Fort Collins needs to pledge the local matching funds for the Mason Corridor project to move forward. These funds will leverage millions of dollars in federal and state funding and stimulate additional economic impacts. The anticipated redevelopment along the Mason Corridor will generate significant new property tax revenue, and retail sales tax revenue as well as private sector profits.

The Mason Corridor is extremely cost effective and will produce financial benefits for years to come. The entire five mile corridor will be implemented using fewer City dollars than the cost of one arterial street intersection project, due to the use of state, federal, and other funding partnerships to leverage local dollars.

The City of Fort Collins worked on an economic generator study to quantify the benefit of the Mason Corridor.

The Mason Corridor Economic Analysis Report includes market, financial, and economic impact analysis. Data gathered will aide the City in identifying development and redevelopment opportunities along the corridor in partnership with property owners. Professional organizations or groups who would like more information on the Mason Corridor's economic opportunities are encouraged to contact Josh Birks, Economic Health Director, 970.221.6324.

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