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About FC Volunteer#

About FC Volunteer

The City of Fort Collins is a wonderful place to live, thanks in large part to the residents who live here and are active and involved in their community.

Part of an engaged City is a community that selflessly gives back making the world a better place for those around them. Using their time, talents, treasures, hearts and hands to help others, these people are the backbone of a community. They are volunteers.

The City of Fort Collins (FC) Volunteer Program is designed to creatively engage people in their unique talents. Everyone has unique talents, and when those are paired with a passion to help the results can be amazing.

With that aim, the City promotes volunteer involvement to improve services and create community.

FC Volunteer Guiding Principles#

  • Enhance services by supplementing the efforts of paid city staff with volunteer engagement
  • Offer volunteers opportunities to learn and grow
  • Collect data to show the program’s commitment to cost effectiveness
  • Volunteers are able to see firsthand how the City government operates and function by being involved in world-class programs
  • Volunteers share their unique areas of expertise
  • Volunteers promote understanding and awareness of City government issues and programs
  • Provide a positive experience and environment for both volunteers and paid staff
  • Volunteers are recognized for the value they add to their community

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