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Natural Areas

Natural Areas Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities#

Natural areas are yours to treasure today, and for the future. You can help manage and restore land to its native state as a stewardship volunteer. The Natural Areas Department provides projects for individuals, families, large and small groups.

One Day Stewardship Projects

These projects are for larger groups looking to volunteer doing projects such as trail building, plantings and restoration. Click here for more.

Long-Term Stewardship Opportunities

The Natural Areas Department provides long-term opportunities to Adopt a Natural Area by picking up trash monthly, becoming a Volunteer Crew Leader and leading groups of volunteers on stewardship projects, or by helping maintain the Nix Native Plant Garden a a Volunteer Gardener. Click here for more.

Trash Clean Up Opportunities

These projects are for individuals or groups looking to clean up a natural area. Click here for more.

More Volunteer Opportunities#

Check out the Citywide Volunteer Opportunities Directory for more ideas of how to get involved.

Enews is a great way to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities, year-round! Subscribe on this page.

Contact For Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities#

Rachel Balduzzi, Natural Areas Public Engagement Specialist/Volunteer and Stewardship Coordinator
970-224-6153 (office)

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