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Boards and Commissions#

Type 1 Advisory Boards

These boards make recommendations to the City Council and City staff on areas of particular knowledge or expertise. Recommendations made by advisory boards are formal opinions to the City Council on items and subjects that are on the boards' approved workplans. These recommendations are limited to advisement and are not decisive actions.

Type 2 Advisory Board

In addition to serving an advisory function to the City Council and City staff, type 2 advisory boards also have as part of their assigned functions the authority to make decisions on certain matters specified in the City Code, which then serve as formal recommendations to City Council or City staff for their consideration and adoption.

Quasi-Judicial Commissions

Quasi-judicial commissions are non-judicial bodies that use formal procedures to objectively determine facts, interpret the law, and draw conclusions to provide the basis of an official action. Decisions of quasi-judicial commissions are subject to appeal to the City Council or the courts.


Other Bodies

Reporting Ethics Complaints and Code of Conduct Violations#

Please use the appropriate form below to report an ethics complaint or a code of conduct violation: